The Die Is Podcast

In this episode, we welcome the new year by playing a whole bunch of board games. Brandon has a family and friends to play Star Wars Force Arena, Epic Spell Wars, and Onitama with. Chris has a bunch of AIs and an abundance of time to give gifts to and draft insults with. We also talk about wandering and losing in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and card-counting in Schotten Totten.

Epic Spell Wars - 01:44
Onitama - 04:45
Star Wars Force Arena - 08:48
Linko! - 11:28
Brandon's GotW - 14:49
Christmas Gift Games - 30:00
10x10 Progress - 38:01
Oh, Sir... The Insult Simulator - 41:13
Common Mortals in the Funnel - 42:38
Chris' GotW - Schotten Totten - 44:50

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