The Die Is Podcast

In this episode, Brandon and Chris got some bonus game time in over the Thanksgiving, which in no way makes up for the two day late release... but we talk about Samurai Spirit, Guild of Dungeoneering, Dishonored 2, Slamwich, Linko! and our games of the week, too.

Samurai Spirit - 02:20
Guild of Dungeoneering - 06:13
Star Wars: Guild of Heroes has ships. - 09:39
Brandon's GotW: Specter Ops - 14:43
Foam Core Construction - 27:24
Further Dishonored 2 - 29:00
Slamwich and Junk Art - 33:31
Linko! - 39:42
Chris' GotW: The Castles of Burgundy card game - 42:49
Closing and Contact Info - 65:48

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