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In this episode, we look back at the year of game playing, and see what the best and worst games that we played were. What games did we wish we had a chance to play more? What games do we wish had never been conceived? We also do a little bit of dreaming about the awesome games that will come out in 2014. Happy New Year!

Will's Game of the Week is Dark Souls

Chris' Game of the Week is Bohnanza

Intro - 0:00:00

Witcher 2: Complete! - 0:01:39

Edge of the Empire Continues - 0:07:06

Wasteland 2 Beta Impressions -0:14:15

Dark Souls - 0:18:36

Bohnanza - 0:44:16

Best and Worst of 2013 - 1:03:05

Excitement about 2014 - 1:52:49

Closing and Contact Info -2:18:33

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In this episode, we take a narrow slice of "fantasy" and talk quite a lot about about many of the games that fit into that genre (which, of course, we enjoy to a great degree). What makes these games that are so similarly themed fun?

Will's Game of the Week is The Witcher 2

Chris' Game of the Week is Pandemic

Brandon's Entirely Objectionable Game of the Week is Heroes of Dragon Age

Intro - 0:00

InSpectres Live! - 0:02:15

Tenra Bansho Live - 0:05:47

Doctor Who Legacy - 0:09:07

The Witcher 2 - 0:12:55

Pandemic - 0:32:16

Heroes of Dragon Age - 0:53:08

"Classic" Fantasy Games - 1:09:41

Closing and Contact Info - 2:04:06

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In this episode, we talk about our sometimes ridiculous and fairly unnecessary game collections. What drives people to have so many games? How do we decide which games to play? How do you keep a collection from getting unmanageably large? And, in preparation for our one year anniversary, we theorize on how we would slim down our game collections to nine games if we had only a breadbox to keep them in.

Will and Brandon's Game of the Week is Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Chris' Game of the Week is Android Netrunner.

Intro 0:00:00

Creed Hard with a Vengeance 0:01:21

Next Gen Consolation 0:03:30

Edge of the Empire 0:07:58

Android Netrunner 0:49:02

Amassing Collections 1:12:33

Closing and Contact Info 2:01:07

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In this episode, we discuss the expansive subgenre of games where imaginary crimes are committed (e.g. Grand Theft Auto). What is there in these games that makes them so much fun? What are the best examples of the genre in video games, board games, and RPGs?

Will's Game of the Week is Battlefield 4.

Chris' Game of the Week is CV.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Ingress.

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In this supplementary episode, Chris and Susie talk about their trip to the biggest board game convention in the entire world, Essen Internationale Spieltage. What is that experience like? What games did they see, play or buy? How do you pronounce "funf" or "hrubec?"

Games Discussed (In the order we discussed them!):

  • Nations
  • Concept
  • Funf Gurken
  • Going, Going, Gone
  • CV
  • Cheaty Mages
  • Caverna
  • Coup
  • Koryo
  • Field of Glory: The Card Game
  • Kyoto
  • Legacy
  • Guild Hall
  • String Railway
  • Concordia
  • Dr. Hrubec
  • Escape: The Curse of the Temple
  • Space Cadets Dice Duel

We also spoil the "surprise" about episode 23...

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In this episode (the first of two this week!), Will and Brandon talk exhaustively about MMOs: the huge variety of types, the most fun MMOS (and the least), and what their ideal MMO would consist of.

Will's Game of the Week is Arkham Horror.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Duels of the Planeswalkers, Battle Towers and Puzzles & Dragons, because he clearly doesn't understand how singular and plural works.

Check out 22b where Susie and I talk about our experiences at Essen Internationale Spieltage!

Will comes back to The Old Republic: 00:03:06

Arkham Horror: 00:05:33.000

Duels of the Planeswalkers:00:26:30

Battle Towers: 00:31:19

Puzzles and Dragons: 00:37:15

The Exhaustive Guide to MMOs: 00:41:44

Closing and Contact Info: 02:17:40

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In this episode, we discuss how often and how terribly we lose at games, but more importantly, how tricky it can be to create a game where losing isn't a complete mood-killer. What games do we play where losing especially sucks? What games do we play where losing is part of the fun?

Will's Game of the Week is FTL.

Chris' Game of the Week is Pixel Defenders Puzzle.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Europa Universalis 4.

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In this episode, we talk about every facet of the popular card game Magic: The Gathering that we could manage. What is so good about it that we keep coming back? What is so bad about it that the lengths of time between massive buy-ins keep increasing in length? What games are there that simply work better for the enjoyment we get out Magic, and why do they?

Will's Game of the Week is Diablo III.

Chris' Game of the Week is Tichu. No, Haggis. No, Tichu. Definitely Haggis.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Surgeon Simulator 2013.

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In this episode, we discuss all of the ways that we buy or acquire games that don't involve simply going to the store, including Kickstarter and Free-to-Play distribution. What is good about them? What isn't? What are the best games we've gotten in these different ways?

Will's Game of the Week is Payday 2.

Chris' Game of the Week is Tenra Bansho Zero.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Dota 2.

Get ready, this is a long one!

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In this episode, we discuss games that are hobbies unto themselves, like Chess, Bridge, and Warhammer 40,000. We play so many different games, but there are some people really only play one... Why? What makes those games good?

Will's Game of the Week is Saints Row 4.

Chris' Game of the Week is Through the Ages.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Go Away, Monster. But he didn't realize until too late.

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