The Die Is Podcast

In this episode we discuss the idea of mobile games that we can play anywhere, quickly, and why they appeal to us. We also give you, the listener, a big ole list of really great (and really not so great) mobile filler games to try yourself.

Will is on a pilgrimage to obtain the Final Aeon and defeat Sin, so he has no game of the week, but...

Chris' Game of the Week is Agricola.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Planetside 2.

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In this episode, we discuss what makes games challenging, what about that is fun, and when it crosses the line into simply frustrating. And we have lots of examples and discussion of the games we've played that are challenging, frustrating, or both.

Will's Game of the Week is Deadpool.

Chris' Game of the Week is The Last of Us.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Mechwarrior Online (Beta).

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