The Die Is Podcast

In this episode we discuss getting burned out on games, feeling like nothing will be fun ever again, and whatever an avocado is. We also manage to explain how we have managed to get past the shitty times and back to enjoying games.

Will's Game of the Week is waiting for Saints Row 4.

Chris' Game of the Week is Mice and Mystics.

Brandon's Accessory of the Week is actually also a mouse. And some sort of secondary, one-handed keyboard.

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In this episode, we talk about games set in the modern day that feature major supernatural elements... If you are familiar with Buffy or Supernatural, then you won't want to miss it. If you aren't, then listen anyway! What makes these sorts of settings so compelling? What are the games that present this genre the best? Well, we take quite a lot of time to figure that exact thing out.

Will's Game of the Week is Shadowrun Returns

Chris' Game of the Week is Monster of the Week

Brandon's Game of the Week is Shut up... just shut up. No talking.

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