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In this episode, we talk about the Tank/Healer/DPS paradigm: splitting battle roles into people who take damage, deal damage, and recover from damage. Why is it so popular? What games have done it best? What games with teams and roles don't use this paradigm at all, and how do the do it?


Introduction - 0:00:00

The "casual" mode of Fire Emblem - 0:00:59

Link to the Between World's Past! - 0:06:43

Risk keeps bein' Risk - 0:14:04

Old Re-Public Housing Projects - 0:16:41

Final Fantasy 14 continues not being "final" - 0:19:05

Will couldn't wait for X-boxing Day! - 0:22:15

Will's Game of the Week: Titanfall - 0:28:38

Chris' Game of the Week: Nine Worlds - 0:52:08

Tanks, Healers and "DPS" - 1:19:03

Closing and Contact Info - 2:29:41


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In this episode, we talk to David Sirlin, creator of Flash Duel, Puzzle Strike, and Yomi. We ask him about playing to win, how chess and poker could be improved, countering and counter-countering, and his upcoming game Codex... but most importantly, there is going to be a mobile version of Yomi, complete with AI, PvP, and match rankings.

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In this, our first interview of what we hope to be many, Will and Chris talk to Liz Theis from Love Wolf Development about Realm Works, a program intended to assist GMs with the creation and running of RPG campaigns. If you have ever had an interest in being a GM, you should check this out - we're not making a recommendation one way or the other, but Liz has enough information that you should be able to make an informed decision after listening!

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