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In this episode we talk a little about a couple of video games that are too much for Will (Gunpoint and Rogue Legacy), and a couple of games that Chris needs to spend a lot more time with to not lose all of the time (Blue Moon Legends and FTL). Most of our time was spent talk about what we've enjoyed (or not) so far this year, what cool stuff was at E3 or Origins, and what stuff we are looking forward to as the year progresses.

We're releasing a bit early because we also talk about the Steam Summer Sale and don't want it to be too late when you hear about it!

Introduction - 0:00:00

Gunpoint - 0:04:32

Rogue Legacy - 0:08:45

Wasteland 2 Beta - 0:14:37

Blue Moon Legends - 0:16:24

FTL for iPad - 0:21:37

Discussion Start - 0:28:13

Most fun games in 2014 so far - 0:29:32

Least fun games in 2014 so far - 0:54:46

E3 just happened-ish - 1:05:37

Origins Awards - 1:36:34

Upcoming board game excitement - 1:42:43

Upcoming RPG excitement - 1:59:22

Closing and Contact Info - 2:10:35

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In this episode, we talk to the human being behind Space Cadets, Ares Project, the Ludology podcast, and all around good guy Geoff Engelstein. We find out where his ideas for games come from, what it's like meeting people who already know you for the first time, and get lots of juicy information about the upcoming expansions for Space Cadets and Space Cadets: Dice Duel.

For more, check out or talk to him on Twitter @gengelstein

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In this episode, we talk about how (irritatingly) games and their associated bits are packaged, how we keep all of our game stuff stored, and what to do with the awful folded cardboard inserts that come in board game boxes. Will's Game of the Week is Watch_Dogs, Chris' is Wolfenstein: The New Order, and we welcome back Brandon by listening to him drone on and on about something called Summon Masters!

Introduction - 0:00:00

Twilight Struggle Digital KS - 0:01:50

Super Time Force - 0:06:04

Watch_Dogs - 0:11:46

Famous Forehands - 0:37:17

Memoir '44 - 0:44:29

Trawing for Dungeon Crawling - 0: 49:10

Wolfenstein: The New Order - 0:53:30

Rimworld Alpha - 1:13:25

Still "Rocking" Eve Online - 1:17:07

Summon Masters - 1:20:44

Storage, Containers, and Packaging - 1:34:36

Closing and Contact Info - 2:20:43

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In this episode, we get to talking about German Game of the Year nominees, convention season, all kinds of upcoming games, a community game night, and somewhere in there we talk about the games we've been playing, including Will's Game of the Week, the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, and Chris' Game of the Week, Twilight struggle. No discussion topic this week, but we'll be back next time with one!

Intro - 0:00:00

Spiel des Jarhes Nominees - 0:01:17

Xbox One: Diskinected - 0:10:34

Con Season and the Advantages Thereof - 0:15:29

Summoner Wars Alliances - 0:20:11

D&D 5th edition Crests - 0:22:01

Child of Light Continues - 0:24:50

Final Fantasy 14 Continues - 0:25:21

The End of Willhammer 40k - 0:30:30

A Song of Ice and Fire, the RPG - 0:36:01

Video Gaming Drought - 1:10:10

Community Game Night - 1:11:34

Twilight Struggle - 1:19:38

Closing and Contact Info - 1:48:40

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