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In this episode, we talk about what we do when there is no one to play with and we still want to play. There are solitaire games, of course, but there's a lot of other things we do that are game-related. We also talk at great length about the possibly two-player Divinity: Original Sin, the "f*cking remarkable" Star Realms, and Brandon's lunchtime favorite, The Resistance.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Bryce Con - 0:01:27

Wasteland 2 finally "drops" - 0:05:03

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance - 0:08:06

Will's Game of the Week: Divinity: Original Sin - 0:12:18

Will's Other Game of the Week - 0:21:58

Two-player Splendor - 0:43:09

Sushi Go! - 0:45:32

Chris' Game of the Week: Star Realms - 0:47:27

Archeage almost played... - 1:05:26

Brandon's Game of the Week: The Resistance

Lonely Fun - 1:24:05

Closing and Contact Info - 2:01:01

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In this episode, we talk about what games work best for introducing your non-gaming friends and family to our hobby. We break down the strengths of video games, board games, and roleplaying games are in general, and what to look for specifically in those genres, including our own recommendations for games that work well. We also finally get to letting you know our thoughts on Torchbearer (RPG) and Warhammer Conquest (card game).

Introduction - 0:00:00

New Saints Row content - 0:01:20

Dark Heresy 2 released hours too late... - 0:03:11

Will's Game of the Week: Warhammer Conquest - 0:05:31

Equinox - 0:18:52

Chimera - 0:22:56

Chris' Game of the Week: Torchbearer - 0:31:52

Gateway Games - 0:52:55

Closing and Contact Info - 1:59:09

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