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In this episode, we talk about games that suck you in and force you to play them, whether it's the depth of mechanics or setting, the sheer "replayability," or the fact that you friends won't stop playing and you get pulled along with them... what makes a game so immersive? Why do some games in a genre pull this off, while others don't? What are our favorite games that have enthralled us?

We also give you some in-depth discussion on the deck-development card game Thunderstone: Advance, and the one-on-one "old school" roleplaying game Scarlet Heroes.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Getting psyched about Sentinels for iPad - 0:01:11

AKA Magic: The Gathering: The Strategy Board Game - 0:02:40

Chris bought a PlayStation4 - 0:05:45

The Evil Within - 0:09:43

Will's back to The Old Republic?!? - 0:13:05

Will's still playing Destiny?!? - 0:18:00

Will's GotW: Thunderstone Advance - 0:20:14

Galaxy Trucker for iPad - 0:35:43

Trying Chimera Again - 0:40:04

Chris' GotW - Scarlet Heroes - 0:45:40

Games that Enthrall! - 1:12:04

Next Episode and Contact Info - 2:08:51


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In this episode, we discuss what makes a good two-player game, what the difference between "couch co-op" and "couch co-mp" is, why one-on-one RPGs move so quickly, and give you a taste of our favorite two-player board games, video games, and RPGs. We also give you a couple of in-depth reviews: Will's new favorite in the old-school style, Wasteland 2, and Chris' new favorite that is actually old-school, Gin.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Torment: Tides of Numenera - 0:01:29

Bedlam (Kickstarter Game) - 0:06:10

Battle Chef Brigade (Kickstarter Game) - 0:09:08

More (or less) Destiny - 0:11:32

Dark Heresy 2nd edition so far - 0:21:14

Wasteland 2 - 0:34:09

Star Realms iOS Suspiciousness - 0:52:51

Monsters and Magic Misstep - 0:58:36

80 Days - 1:04:35

Gin Rummy - 1:07:57

Two-Player Games - 1:24:44

Closing and Contact Info - 2:14:16

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