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In this episode, all three of the guys are together discussing the best, worst, and most dramatic games played in 2014. What did we enjoy the most? What disappointed us greatly? What do we wish we had more of a chance to play? And what are we looking forward to in 2015?


Introduction - 0:00:00

How did our predictions for 2014 pan out? - 0:03:30

Best Games Played in 2014 - 0:30:22

Worst Games Played in 2014 - 0:55:58

Dramatic Opinion Shifts! - 1:05:24

Games we want to play more - 1:10:57

Most Anticipated of 2015 - 1:17:53

Closing and Contact Info - 1:32:47

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In this episode, Will realizes he's physically addicted to Final Fantasy 14, despite trying desperately to get off of it with games like Battleheart Legacy and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Chris refuses to playtest homebrew RPGs, and is massively disappointed tricked him into it. At some point, we give our thoughts on D&D 5e after a few weeks of playing and running it, and Chris finally reviews Infamous: Second Son.

Introduction - 0:00:00

New Final Fantasy 14 Classes - 0:03:34

The addiction is real... - 0:07:14

Battleheart Legacy: It's Pausable! - 0:12:34

Initial D&D 5th edition impressions - 0:16:24

Chris doesn't want to test your homebrew - 0:38:50

Reaper of Souls! - 0:41:00

Harold, of Andraste? - 0:43:59

Infamous: Second Son - 0:47:54

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:45

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In this episode, Will, Chris and Brandon discuss the moment when you finally understand what makes a game fun, what makes it a "good" game. What games have we played where this happened? What games have we played where this didn't happen? Is there any way to know if you are judging a game unfairly (i.e. you don't "get" it) or are there some games it just isn't possible to "get"?

We might have some answers!


Introduction - 0:00:00

"Getting" a game - 0:01:15

Why have we unfairly dismissed games? - 0:06:29

Why might we go back to some of those games? - 0:26:26

Games we never "got" - 0:48:37

Games we're looking forward to "getting" - 1:00:03

Closing and Contact Info - 1:09:16

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In this episode, we talk about our first experiences with the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons, Chris plays a world-spanning game of international law, frogs and unicorns bound across never-ending highways, and Will can't tell if he's into Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is bad for Chris who is getting it as a Christmas gift...


Introduction - 0:00:00

Initial Experiences with D&D 5e - 0:02:20

Will's Game of the Week: Dragon Age: Inquisition - 0:13:00

Susie's FF14 Free Company Woes - 0:35:55

Pax Britannica, War Game or RPG? - 0:37:52

Crossy Road, Infinite Frogger - 0:42:13

Sentinels of the Multiverse iOS Unlockables - 0:43:28

Chris' Game of the Week: Quartermaster General - 0:48:47

Closing and Contact Info - 1:06:09

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In this episode, Will and Chris discuss what a game is about... if they are about anything at all! Why do games have a theme, some sort of analogy to the real world? Do they need one? Why are there so many fully abstract board games (like chess) but very few abstract video games? Is there such a thing as a "generic" RPG?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Are games about anything? Should they be? - 0:01:03

Video Game Abstraction - 0:12:58

Board games... about nothing? - 0:24:34

"Themeless" vs. "Abstract" - 0:29:36

Surely RPGs are about something? - 0:39:59

Closing and Contact Ingfo - 0:50:35

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