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In this episode, we discuss games where the sheer amount of content is a part of the draw. What is fun about having an excessive amount of options, mechanics, and ways to play? What are the drawbacks? What is the difference between a game with lots of breadth and a game with lots of depth? And what are our favorite "maximalist" games?


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's fun about excess? - 0:03:44

The drawbacks of maximalism - 0:13:23

Favorite Maximalist RPGs - 0:22:51

Favorite Maximalist Video Games - 0:36:39

Favorite Maxmalist Board Games - 0:43:40

Closing and Contact Info - 0:52:27

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 In this episode, Will talks a little about Darkest Dungeon, Chris' D&D 5e boat has run aground, and Terra Battle begins its inevitable decline. Brandon finally gets a chance to play Warhammer Conquest, and Chris finally takes the opportunity to play Power Grid, both for the first time, and both to disastrous consequences... And don't forget the in-depth reviews of our games of the week!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Will played Darkest Dungeon - 0:2:59

Will's GotW: Game of Thrones LCG - 0:04:29

D&D 5e running aground - 0:28:06

Chris played Power Grid and no one cares - 0:33:24

Chris' GotW: Through the Ages - 0:35:55

Brandon gets beaten at WH40K Conquest - 0:52:40

The inevitable decline of Terra Battle - 0:54:54

Closing and Contact Info - 0:56:54

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In this episode, we discuss the "collectible, customizable" game, and it's irascibility. What is fun about collecting game bits? What is fun about customizing the game tools? What are the best and worst "CC" games that we've played? And why does Chris have so much against Magic? Perhaps, these questions will be answered.

Left unanswered is why Brandon decided to change to talking through a tin can in the middle of the episode.


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's fun about collecting? - 0:09:28

What's fun about customizing? - 0:15:56

Collectible, customizable problems - 0:25:24

The Best Collectible, Customizable Games - 0:42:33

Closing and Contact Info - 1:02:20

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In this episode, a week-long real-time game sounds fun, and a five-minute real-time game is sounds shockingly short by comparison. Will tries playing the Game of Thrones LCG with only two people, Chris vetos diplomatic sanctions, and there is a wrestling TTRPG that will probably get reviewed at some point in the future. Also, we dig into what our favorite parts of Gat Out of Hell and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls have been.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Subterfuge: The App - 0:01:55

World Wide Wrestling RPG released - 0:05:03

A Duel of Thrones LCG - 0:10:36

Terra Battle Sucks... Will In! - 0:16:11

Gat Out of Hell - 0:19:34

Almost Real-Time Diner - 0:36:06

Vetoing in Article 27 - 0:39:24

Explaining Liberte too quickly - 0:47:46

Reaper of Souls - 0:51:45

Closing and Contact Info - 1:09:19

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In this episode, Will and Brandon talk about how many different ways that people can have fun in games not buy doing well, but by creating hardships for the other players. Some of that is called "griefing," but there's a lot of surrounding behaviors that they cover! If you've ever made a move in a game just to watch someone's face when their strategy goes to pieces, take a listen.


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's a "griefing"? - 0:01:22

Is that fun? For whom? - 0:03:22

The Various Forms - 0:09:14

Non-Video Game Griefing - 0:22:00

(Will is talking about Intrigue) - 0:24:37

(Now Innovation) - 0:25:39

More Non-Video Game Griefing - 0:26:41

Closing and Contact Info - 0:39:50

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