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In this episode, we discuss all the games that take an inordinate amount of our time. Why play a game that takes months to resolve? What is the draw of a game that is impossible to learn? How can you stay current when new Magic cards come out about once a week?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Games that take a time commitment - 0:00:47

Games that take an inordinate commitment - 0:08:43

Played over days or months - 0:10:20

Really steep learning curves - 0:19:44

Life commitment games - 0:33:59

Staying current or ahead - 0:40:28

What's this all about? 0:46:38

Closing and Contact Info - 0:49:24

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In this episode, Will gets convinced to try and find more people to play games with, Chris can't play Xcom for long enough stretches to actually understand it, and Brandon finally had a chance to play Article 27 and Yomi (although he isn't here to talk about them). Will gets really nostalgic for terrible games while playing Pillars of Eternity, and Chris forgets what year the revolution happened in Coup: Guatemala 1954.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Heavensward... news? - 0:01:06

Playing games outside the "core" - 0:02:00

Will's Game of the Week: Pillars of Eternity - 0:06:05

Xcom for iPad - 0:33:39

Yomi with Brandon - 0:37:06

Article 27 with too few - 0:39:50

Chris' Game of the Week - Coup: Guatemala 1954

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:31

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in this episode, we kick off by discussing the real difference between "griefing" and "being annoying," which leads to the topic of discussion: why is it necessary that games allow this kind of behavior? We discuss games where you can ally and backstab, games where you can get revenge, games where you can lie, and games where you can just flatly be a jerk. Those games are ridiculous fun, and not just when you are "on top."


Introduction - 0:00:00

A specific definition of "griefing" - 0:01:27

Why should you be able to so that? - 0:09:58

Alliances and Backstabbing - 0:16:00

Games "about" lying - 0:23:41

Kingmaking and not being anle to win - 0:26:56

Why do RPGs have to suck? - 0:38:19

Appropriate vengeance - 0:45:29

Good Grief - 0:51:27

Closing and Contact Info - 1:02:21

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in this episode, we are still excited about Blades in the Dark, getting cheap ports on iPad, and video games that won't come out for years. Everyone got a chance to play Torchbearer, Will is rusty at  Yomi, and Chris spends the last dollar he'lol ever spend on Magic. Then a wild Brandon appears and wants to talk about dragons and werewolves. Huh.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Blades in the Dark bonus stuff - 0:00:42

X-Com on iPad for $5 - 0:08:05

Kickstarter games coming to consoles - 0:09:49

Will demos FF15 - 0:12:07

Will's Game of the Week: Dragonball Xenoverse - 0:20:53

Torchbearer shenanigans - 0:38:23

Everyone getting Backstabbr-ed - 0:41:12

Yomi Round 1 - 0:43:12

Pauper Magic - 0:44:28

Chris' Game of the Week: Omen: A Reign of War - 0:46:37

Dragons of Tarkir - 1:03:00

Does Brandon like One Night Werewolf? - 1:06:07

Closing and Contact Info - 1:11:02

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