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In this episode, we once again hop on the wagon with more "dynamic application of metaphorical terminology" than you can shake a stick at. Chris has been reading about "greebles" in sci-fi visual design, and runs off with the term to discuss it with Will and Brandon. What is a greeble? What are they in games, and why would designers put them there? What are some poor uses, and, more importantly, what are the best?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Made up words! - 0:01:04

Elegance and Sterility - 0:07:36

Excitement and Cacophony - 0:18:21

The Downsides of Greebles - 0:28:16

Bring on the positivity! - 0:40:08

Properly Engreebled Games - 0:48:31

Magic: The Greebling - 0:55:17

Closing and Contact Info - 0:59:00

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In this episode, we get psyched about Essen and the games that might be coming out there. Will gets sucked back into a couple of MMOs that he really should have known to avoid, and he forgets any Marvel supervillains except Sabertooth. Chris is overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in BattleCon and the lack of stuff in All Creatures Big and Small, and proves that humans are the dominant species compared with AIs.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Essen Games on BGG - 0:01:16

Star Trek + Mage Knigh Board Game - 0:03:04

Getting sucked into Eve Online - 0:05:15

The Old Republic Revisions - 0:09:42

Will's Game of the Week: Marvel Legendary - 0:12:24

Frequency of rolls in Fate - 0:35:46

The sheer amount of BattleCon stuff - 0:37:46

All Creatures Big and Small - 0:41:44

Chris' Game of the Week: Dominant Species - 0:43:58

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:50

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In this episode, we explore the dreary topic of "dying" in games. Is it different from simple failure? Why does it matter? How do different kind of games implement it, and why? What is up with death spirals? And what are some games where the designers really put some effort into making "death" an interesting part of the game?

Introduction - 0:00:00

What exactly is "dying"? - 0:03:01

Death in Board Games - 0:09:21

Death in Video Games - 0:19:52

Death in TTRPGs - 0:31:56

Fates worse than death - 0:38:21

RPG stakes that aren't death - 0:49:08

Games about death - 0:55:52

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:05

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In this episode, we talk about a sequel to a PC game coming to consoles, and a sequel to a console game coming to PCs. Will wastes time with Skyforge and uncoordinated spies in the Resistance, while Chris falls of the "not complaining about microtransactions" wagon, figures this whole Kanban thing out, and plays a couple of unbelievably good games. With in-depth reviews of Spyfall and, once again, The Banner Saga.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Wasteland 2 for consoles - 0:01:53

Xcom 2 for PC - 0:04:21

F2P MMO Skyforge - 0:06:24

The uncoordinated spies of Resistance - 0:11:13

Will's Game of the Week: The Banner Saga - 0:14:46

Alphabear microtransactions - 0:31:38

Two-player Kanban - 0:35:59

Khmer is unbelievable - 0:39:17

Alien Frontiers, not forgotten - 0:41:29

Chris' Game of the Week: Spyfall - 0:44:26

Closing and Contact Info - 1:07:32

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