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In this episode, Will talks about his experiences Witching. Or Twitching. Maybe both. He's also tried the Battlefront beta. Chris has played some new games since his Essen experiences, and is excited about the long-awaited release of Subterfuge. More discussion than you can fit into 59 minutes, so we had to extend to 59.5! Also, our games of the week are a digital D&D-like, Sword Coast Legends, and a brain-melting word association game, Codenames.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Will Twitching Witcher - 0:01:50

Star Wars Bad-lefront - 0:07:06

Will's Game of the Week - 0:09:29

Dem Essen Games - 0:28:49

Forbidden Stars: Axis and Allies in Space! - 0:30:13

Playin' and Sellin' Mage Knight - 0:32:55

Subterfuge is OUT! - 0:34:46

Chris' Game of the Week - Codenames 0:41:32

Closing and Contact Info - 0:57:21

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In this episode, Chris and Susie discuss all of the games they saw, played, and bought at Essen Spiel this year (except for Pick-a-dog). They discuss the preponderance of civilization games, the international publisher presence (especially from East Asia), the still-expanding number of microgames, and then give awards for some of the best and worst of the show.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Overall Impressions - 0:02:16

Civilization Games - 0:04:17

East Asian Publishers - 0:16:33

Microgames - 0:36:45

The "Incomplete" Games - 0:43:15

The Die is Podcast Spiel 2015 Awards - 0:51:41

Best in Show - 1:08:02

Closing and Contact Information - 1:16:45

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In this episode, Chris has been to Essen Spiel, and while there he talked to Paul Bender from Greater Than Games and Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games. Both had a lot to say about how much work the convention is, but how much fun that work can be. Give it a listen! And if you want to know more about any of the games they discuss, head over to and for more.

And stay tuned for the next episode where we give our opinions on all those new games we played or tried!

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In this episode, we discuss the ever-present claim that a game is broken, and what it really means. How do you know a game is "broken," and you don't just suck? What is the difference between a broken video game, board game, and RPG? Why is Chris so sure that he can tell a broken game but other people can't?

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