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In this episode, we talk about so much of what happened in the past twelve months. What were our favorite games? What were out least favorites? How were our expectations met (or how were we)? We take a fun look back, and once again make some guesses about what will be fun in the upcoming year.

Introduction- 0:00:00
How wrong were we? - 03:10
The year overall - 15:18
The best games in 2015 - 23:01
The least games of 2015 - 44:55
Significantly Different Opinions - 61:37
Not played enough - 68:29
Most anticipated in 2016 - 74:51
Closing and Contact Info - 79:27

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In this episode, Will and Brandon play Mechwarrior! What year is it? Chris recommends Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest, nearly finishes his 10x10 gaming challenge, and tells a story about how Cool Stuff Inc really blew it. In depth discussion of our Games of the Week included!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Will and Brandon play Mechwarrior - 0:01:40

Will's Game of the Week: Rainbow 6 Seige - 0:07:16

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest - 0:23:37

The 10x10 Comes to an End - 0:27:52

Cool Stuff Blunders - 0:30:19

Chris' Game of the Week: The Perilous Wilds - 0:34:34

Closing and Contact Info - 0:54:24

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In this episode, we discuss two approaches to strategies in games: with one, you pick an idea and stick to it, and with the other, you adapt and change. Is it weird to stick with something you believe will win? Is the simplification of a game's strategic options possible? What do you do when you can't use a flat strategy to win anymore? We get deep in the dirt with some of our thoughts, and we need to be told why we are wrong! (@thedieispodcast)


Introduction - 0:00:00

The oddity of minimizing choices - 0:01:16

Static vs. Dynamic - 0:20:30

Why a Static Strategy? - 0:26:27

Why a Dynamic Strategy? - 0:46:11

A Final Note on Judging Games - 0:54:29

Closing and Contact Info - 0:58:09

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In this episode, Will starts a new Rockband excursion and grinds out more c-bills in Mechwarrior. Chris continues his laps around Skyrim and grinds out more plays in his 10x10 Challenge. Then, possibly due to the latest campaign release, Will goes back to tell us his thoughts on Star Craft 2, and Chris gets all twisted up about Will wanting to play a superhero game in his "review" of Worlds in Peril.


Introduction - 0:00:00

New Rockband - 0:01:22

Mechwarrior Online on Steam - 0:05:18

Will's Game of the Week: Star Craft 2 - 0:09:32

Further Skyrim thoughts - 0:24:19

Cutting the 10x10 Challenge close - 0:29:35

Chris' Game of the Week: Worlds in Peril - 0:30:33

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:04

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In this episode, we we talk about talking and argue about arguing in RPGs. What are the good and bad aspects of social mechanics? Why do RPGs have rules for stuff in the first place? How do you measure how effective an disagreement or argument is? And are there games that have properly implemented something like this?


Introduction - 0:00:00

For and Against Social Mechanics - 0:02:51

What is the point of resolution mechanics? - 0:07:12

Which Intrusive Mechanics to have? - 0:18:19

The Dangers of Social Mechanics - 0:29:05

Games that Avoid the Dangers - 0:35:09

Closing and Contact Info - 0:51:23

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