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In this episode, we continue to be a little self-indulgent. We've been doing this podcast for three years, and it seemed as good a time as any to settle on our five favorite video games and discuss what makes each of them so very, very, very good. If you are looking for some great recommendations, give a listen! It's massive in scope, but we only do it once every 1,096 days or so.

And if you just want the list without the discussion, skip to 74:56...

One of Five - 05:43
Two of Five - 18:15
Three of Five - 30:00
Four of Five - 47:22
Five of Five - 61:24
List Recap - 74:56
Closing and Contact Info - 76:04

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In this episode, we get a little self-indulgent. We've been doing this podcast for three years, and it seemed as good a time as any to settle on our five favorite board games and discuss what makes each of them so very, very, very good. If you are looking for some great recommendations, give a listen! We also invite Dan and Kim from the Gaming Nonsense Uncensored podcast to give their thoughts. It's massive in scope, but we only do it once every 1,096 days or so.

And if you just want the list without the discussion, skip to 111:24...

One of Five - 03:19
Two of Five - 19:45
Three of Five - 40:20
Dan and Kim's Favorite Games - 59:40
Four of Five - 69:37
Five of Five - 92:30
List Recap - 111:24
Closing and Contact Info - 113:29

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In this episode, we examine the concept of "replayability." What makes us want to play some games over and over, even if they are incredibly simple, while even some complex, good games we never return to after just a couple of plays. What does the depth or breadth of a game have to do with it? Does complexity have any relationship? What games are the most replayable?

"Replayability" - 01:07

Why replay games? - 11:58
What makes a game especially replayable? - 17:01
Sidebar: RPG Replayability - 32:01
Complex and shallow vs. Simple and deep - 38:27
"Closed-scope" Games - 50:55
Most Replayable Games - 64:28
Closing and Contact Info - 76:11

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In this episode, Brandon and Chris got some bonus game time in over the Thanksgiving, which in no way makes up for the two day late release... but we talk about Samurai Spirit, Guild of Dungeoneering, Dishonored 2, Slamwich, Linko! and our games of the week, too.

Samurai Spirit - 02:20
Guild of Dungeoneering - 06:13
Star Wars: Guild of Heroes has ships. - 09:39
Brandon's GotW: Specter Ops - 14:43
Foam Core Construction - 27:24
Further Dishonored 2 - 29:00
Slamwich and Junk Art - 33:31
Linko! - 39:42
Chris' GotW: The Castles of Burgundy card game - 42:49
Closing and Contact Info - 65:48

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In this episode, Chris grumbles about the general lack of mechanical variety in RPGs, especially with regards to the resolution of skills and the possible outcomes of actions and scenes. Brandon listens pensively. Then we talk about our favorite RPGs that spice it up by offering a different/additional axis to "success/failure), be it cost, narration, additional benefits or drawbacks, or something else entirely.

The Depth of Possibility in RPGs - 02:20
Too many RPG clones - 09:25
Resolution of Skills and Outcomes - 16:22
Multi-dimensional Resolution - 30:00
"Can't you do this with any game?" - 50:53
Closing and Contact Info - 60:23

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In this episode, Brandon finally gets some games to the table that Chris has been praising for a looooong time. Chris revisits Dishonored and Kill Doctor Lucky, and plays a game that is extremely, depressingly realistic about the American presidential election...

Episode 100 Incoming - 1:23
Nintendo Switch? - 4:25
Brandon plays Splendor - 9:08
Brandon plays Schema - 16:26
Brandon plays Dead of Winter - 24:00
Revisiting Dishonored - 30:13
Elements acquisition - 32:44
Finding a real gamer Meetup - 34:56
Re-killing Doctor Lucky - 39:03
Chris' GotW: Ameritocracy - 44:01
Closing and Contact Info - 61:08

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In this episode, Chris and Dan (visiting from GNU) discuss Magic: The Gathering. What makes Magic worth playing? What makes it frustrating or difficult? What games do we play instead of Magic that still have all of those gold things but none of the bad?

Reasons to Enjoy Magic - 01:44
Magic Replacements - 32:09
Closing and Contact Info - 86:50

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In this episode, Dan and Kim from The GNU Podcast pay us a visit to the show. Chris lets us know about the dice game Rolling America, the stacking game Junk Art, and the cynical political game Ameritocracy. Dan explains the rad art decisions of Hit Z Road and the deck building of Clank. And we all have games of the week!

Where is Brandon, you ask? Who's Brandon?

Rolling America - 03:16
Junk Art - 09:36
Ameritocracy - 20:52
Chris' GotW: Ortus Regni - 34:12
Hit Z Road - 58:28
Clank - 70:47
Dan's GotW: Paperback - 78:41
Kim's GotW: Dragon Quest Builder - 92:15

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In this episode, we address the elephant in the room: yes, we play board games. Yes, they are sometimes like Risk. But they don't tend to actually be Risk. Why don't we care for that classic game? What in it works? What doesn't? And what games do we play instead, that feature the good and improve or eliminate the bad.

Game Replacements in general - 1:10
What is good in Risk? - 5:23
Risk "Plus" - 19:51
Risk Replacements - 30:56
Closing and Contact Info - 64:38

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In this episode, Brandon gets Chivalrous, sort of, for a little bit. Chris pitches Power Grid, gets weirded out by Inside, and praises a Schema for role playing that is... well, it's beyond great. We also discuss a little about D&D and mystery RPGs on the table top.

Brandon played Chivalry - 1:54
And sometimes D&D - 10:25
Power Grid - 15:15
Inside, getting weird - 23:30
Investigation RPGs and Bubblegumshoe - 27:46
Chris' GotW: Schema - 37:11
Closing and Contact Info - 57:42

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In this episode, we address the concept of fudging in RPGs. What is it? Why do people do it? Is it necessary? We debunk the need for such a tool, then we turn to the alternatives and try to offer solid advice from our years of experience.

What is "Fudging"? - 1:32
Pro-Fudging Argument, Disarmed - 9:14
A Legitimate Argument for Fudging? - 27:11
Why Fudge? And the Alternatives - 32:09
There are so many games... - 42:58
Closing and Contact Info - 46:08

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In this episode, we talk a bit more about the 3D experience of the Vive and Brandon's thoughts on games that teach you how to program. Chris updates us on the Pirate expansion to Guild of Dungeoneering, gets excited about sports board games, and pitches a simple/deep RPG.

Brandon plays Human Resource Machine - 01:06
More Vive experience - 07:01
Cryptomancing - 17:46
Brandon sucks at playing - 23:54
Pirate's Guild of Dungeoneering - 26:23
Bottom of the 9th - 28:09
Schema - 32:51
Chris' GotW: Splendor - 37:01
Closing and Contact Info - 56:22

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In this episode, we tall about the problems with numerical rating systems, and how they don't really work for their intended purposes. Is there anything that can fix that? We also discuss how that leads to overrating of games, disappointment due to hype, and, of course, long lists of games that we thought we would like but didn't.

Board Game Overrating - 01:56
Our "rating" system - 12:02
Video Game and RPG Overrating - 15:26
The Problem with Overrating - 21:45
Reviewer Gifts - 26:31
Other disappointing games - 31:05
Shifting game experience - 45:50
Closing and Contact Info - 53:54

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In this episode, a triumphant return! Chris plays Codenames too many times and Impulse with too many people. Brandon gets involved with a D&D game set in London, and collects Star Wars heroes inexplicably. We talk at length about learning to program with Human Resource Machine, and cover our Games of the Week.

FFG and GW part ways - 01:18
Codex shipped early - 03:34
Codenames too many times - 04:59
Impulse with 6 players - 07:13
Unknown, the euro crawl - 09:14
Human Resource Machine - 11:56
Chris' GotW: Guild of Dungeoneering - 20:43
D&D in 1737 - 30:17
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - 32:41
Brandon's GotW: HTC Vive - 34:12
Closing and Contact Info - 52:44

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In this episode, Will tries a substitute for Magic that just doesn't have the same... magic. Imperials are assaulted, the French randomly choose a pope, and Dark Souls is really just a good-looking Dark Cloud. We also talk about what a Star Trek RPG would be about, and what has replaced Ticket to Ride. Also, The Stick of Truth reveals Pandemic Legacy is not worth the hype.

Star Trek Roleplaying - 00:46
Pirate World exists? - 06:10
Magic: Arena of the Planeswalkers - 8:24
Star Wars Imperial Assault - 11:06
Will's GotW: The Stick of Truth - 14:16
Dark Souls 3 - 24:41
Fief: France 1429 - 29:12
Ticket to Ride - 32:59
Chris' GotW: Pandemic Legacy - 34:16
Pandemic Legacy Spoilers Here - 46:34
Closing and Contact info - 66:18

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In this episode, Chris makes up for all the games he's never gone back and reviewed by hitting three in a single episode. Will also gets in on the action, while Brandon just sits there and wonders why he isn't mining in a video game somewhere.

Alien Frontiers (Episode 11) - 02:25
Mice and Mystics (Episode 17) - 15:09
Haggis (Episode 20) - 21:21
Warframe (Episode 64) - 29:14
Closing and Contact Info - 44:13

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In this episode, we discuss Nintendo like it's ten years ago, Will is confused about drifting in hyperlight, Chris struggles in the twilight, and Brandon is the only reasonable Numenera player. Mighty No. 9 is about twenty years too late, 504 is art, and Faeria is... available on Steam.

That Nintendo thing - 01:15
Pokemon Gggggo! - 05:00
Hyperlight Drifter - 09:03
The Stick of Truth - 10:25
Will's GotW: Mighty No. 9 - 12:40
Twilight Struggle for iPad - 23:22
Godbound inspiration - 28:15
Chris' GotW: 504 - 33:51
Numenera - 52:57
Brandon's GotW: Faeria - 54:03
Closing and Contact Info - 66:21

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In this episode, we continue our twice yearly tradition of talking about games. Well, the best and worst games we've played this year, specifically. Also, we discuss a little about what's up with E3 and Origins before moving on to our most anticipated games of the year. Basically, it's 99% hype and 1% ranting about Clash Royale.


Favorite Board Games So Far - 01:58
Favorite Video Games So Far - 12:08
Favorite RPGs So Far - 18:46
Least enjoyed games - 23:54
E3 and Origins - 36:51
Anticipated Video Games - 48:34
Anticipated Board Games - 52:58
Anticipated RPGs - 56:51
Closing and Contact Info - 66:46

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In this episode, Will rags on team-based racing, flies circles around space pirates, and explains how four people can save the planet from alien invaders. Chris quotes ridiculous novels, gets caught up in the importance of turn order, ruins a fake German economy, and helps his neighbors build cities. Huzzah.

The Crew for free - 01:39
Elite Dangerous - 04:37
Will's GotW: XCOM the Boardgame - 09:42
Bring Your Own Book - 27:18
The Dice Must Flow strategy - 30:58
Scythe - 33:56
Divinity: Original Sin Couch Co-op - 41:06
Chris' GotW: Between Two Cities - 43:30
Closing and Contact Info - 56:04

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In this episode, we discuss the use of fantastic and realistic elements in games. What are the coolest parts of both? What are the misused parts? Why should anyone want a game about reality, when we live in reality? Why should anyone want a game so disconnected from reality that there are no stakes? What games have a great mix of both realistic and fantastic stuff?

Fantastic and Realistic - 00:48
"Cinematic" - 05:59
Preferences? - 10:20
Cool Elements - 12:09
Inventive vs. Familiar - 22:11
Exploring Issues - 30:59
Providing Stakes - 40:32
Explaining and Learning - 49:28
A Great Mix of Both - 55:46
Closing and Contact Info - 62:53

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In this episode, Will talks a lot about Numenera in its various forms, addresses the horrors of This War of Mine, and almost surely misnames a game. Chris rants for a minute about bullet sponges, sells and unsells everyone on Doom simultaneously, and searches for magical machinery in Utopia Engine. 


The Mid-year Podcast - 00:46
Endless Knight - 02:19
Tides of Numenera Beta! - 04:55
This War of Mine - 06:43
Will's GotW: Numenera TRPG - 10:55
Uncharted Tanks - 35:54
Doooooooom - 37:12
Manoeuvre (I think) - 42:30
Chris' GotW: Utopia Engine - 44:34
Closing and Contact Info - 59:38

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In this episode, Will waxes fanboy about Payday 2 and all of the DLC and expansions that have been added since he first talked about it when it came out. Brandon, in an inexplicable misunderstanding of what a "re-review" is, decides to ramble about party game categories and what his favorite games from those categories are, when he can remember their names...

Payday 2 Re-review - 01:54
Brandon's Party Games - 18:38
Bluffing sub-genre - 21:33
Trivia sub-genre - 27:20
Guessing sub-genre - 29:02
Closing and Contact Info - 37:15

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In this episode, we play a handful of old games and don't play a handful of new ones! Will dips his toes into two completely different styles of CRPGs: Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls. Chris gets psyched about yet another TTRPG where you wander and explore, a lack of peace in historical Afghanistan, and civilization abstractions... and Brandon actually played a game! Two even!

Will's back in Skyrim - 01:21
Will's GotW: Final Fantasy 10 - 03:06
Uncharted remastered - 21:25
Ryuutama excitement - 24:16
Pax Pamir excitement - 26:06
Chris' GotW: Antike II - 28:46
Brandon gets quizzical - 48:56
Brandon's GotW: Duelyst - 52:32
Closing and Contact Info - 66:08

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In this episode, we discuss the age old problems of TTRPG combat where the only stakes are death, and how you can get everyone on board with more complex (and interesting) conflict situations. What kinds of conflicts are there? What makes players (and GM) engaged? What games and mechanisms help with cool conflicts and cool stakes?

Combat where there only stakes are death - 1:30
Other kinds of RPG conflicts - 8:23
Whose job is it to make conflicts interesting? - 20:41
Creating investment - 23:38
Communicating what a conflict is about - 37:32
The purpose of conflict - 49:03
Closing and contact info - 57:48

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In this episode, we rant again about being mana poor in Magic, return to the worlds of Final Fantasy X and Uncharted, and hash out our feelings on what setting Coup should have. Will feels compelled to let you know what Star Conflict does or doesn't have going for it, and Chris keeps telling people what to do and getting them to do it in Intrigue.

Magic tournaments and Mana problems - 01:36
Coup Rebellion G54 - 08:08
Final Fantasy X Remastered - 11:59
XCOM: The Board Game - 16:38
Will's GotW: Star Conflict - 19:04
Uncharted 4 - 33:04
Chris' GotW: Intrigue - 37:46
Closing and Contact Info - 59:42

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In this episode, we discuss players who make decisions slowly, or who fail to make decisions at all, and how they can be helped. What induces such paralysis in decision making? What can you do, as a slowbie, to pick up the pace... And why should you care? We come at this with lots of experience and advice, and we want more of yours!

Slow decision makers and their reasons - 01:54
Playing from the gut - 07:23
Pre-Planning Options - 11:49
In-game Options - 21:10
Post-mortem Options - 28:46
The benefit of gut play - 35:23
Do we do this? - 43:09
Closing and Contact Info - 48:00

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In this episode, Will tries the Overwatch beta and something like World of Tanks but in space while Chris inexplicably plays a whole lot of Magic. XCOM 2 is like XCOM, but 2, and Ratchet and Clank is like Ratchet and Clank, which is like Ratchet and Clank.

Overwatch Beta - 01:10
Trying Star Conflict - 03:37
Will's GotW: XCOM 2 - 05:24
Clash Royale rage - 26:57
Magic vs Susie - 30:59
Magic drafting - 32:46
Chris' GotW: Ratchet and Clank - 38:00
Closing and Contact Info - 52:42

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In this episode, we discuss the various processes by which people learn games... Or, as is the case so often, th processes by which people fail to learn games. Why are board games so difficult to get into? How is learning incorporated into video games? Why are RPGs so much more difficult to get into? Why do so many people suck at learning?

50% Pandemic... - 1:22
Learning a board game - 4:15
Learning a video game - 17:11
Learning an RPG - 30:00
How much is on the designer? - 39:46
Closing and Contact Info - 47:36

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In this episode, we all got together and played a couple of board games with some confusing win conditions! Will keeps trying to play the Division despite Ubisoft's best efforts to stop him, and Chris provides a few more details about why Clash Royale is fun despite Supercell's best efforts.

Still Divided on The Division - 01:30
Will's GotW: The Dice Must Flow - 07:17
Chris Clashes Royale-ly - 28:49
A bit of Warbits - 31:47
Chris' GotW: Dead of Winter - 33:16
Closing and Contact Info - 51:33

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In this episode, Will and Brandon talk a little about Shadowrun Returns (which still isn't great), and a lot about Mechwarrior Online (which has only gotten better). Actually, this episode is almost exclusively about MWO. Brandon needed to redeem himself from the review he gave it three years ago, and he and Will get really excited to explain what has changed and how much fun it has been.

Shadowrun Re-Returns - 02:06
Customization and flexibility - 05:29
Preferred games to SR - 11:21
Mechwarrior Re-Online - 12:07
Group play vs. Solo - 20:12
New Maps and Match types - 25:43
Brandon describes MWO - 32:12
Rethinking XP and Progress - 39:50
Faction Warfare - 46:45
Closing and Contact Info - 52:43

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In this episode, Will and Brandon record what can only be described as "Forty-two minutes of game discussion," starting with more Division positives, Moving to Eldritch Horror expansions, a review of Homeworld, and a head-to-head comparison of two games Brandon has been failing to play. We also announce a cancer benefit for some local gamers in need of help, and Chris' new problem with gaming...

Athens Area Cancer Benefit - 01:39
More of The Division - 02:48
Eldritch Horror expansions - 04:55
Will's GotW: Homeworld Remastered - 06:39
Brandon's Head to Head: Clash Royale and Blood Brothers 2 - 21:25
Closing and Contact Info - 41:35

Direct download: The20Die20Is20Podcast2C20Episode2085a.m4a
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In this episode, we revisit one of the first games we ever reviewed, going back over the original points with an all new perspective. What has improved? What has gotten worse? What have we learned and what have we done with the game since we first played? For the most in-depth review three years after Chris never shutting up about the game, this is the right place to go!

The very first game review - 1:33
A modern fantasy RPG - 4:17
"Old School" Appeal? - 11:32
Rolling and resolving dice - 18:02
Customization and Narrative - 29:17
The GM's Tools - 44:49
Perilous Exploration - 51:42
Expansions! - 54:25
Closing and Contact Info - 65:12

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In this episode, Will complains about his 3 hit point Freebooter in Dungeon World and his over-eager rush to make the UK profitable in Imperial. Chris knocks down imaginary civilizations in Super Tribes and gets super salty about Salt and Sanctuary. Also in-depth play reports/reviews of The Division and Far Cry Primal.

Freebooters on the Frontier - 01:20
The Division - 05:25
Imperial - 28:11
Super Tribes - 37:20
Salt and Sanctuary - 38:58
Far Cry Primal - 42:00
Closing and Contact Info - 65:05

Direct download: The20Die20Is20Podcast2C20Episode2084a.m4a
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In this episode, Will and Chris receive a mysterious call from an even more mysterious caller who recorded their entire conversation. The Gaming Nonsense Uncensored Podcast! We talk about the way we make our podcast, the way we review games, and in general have a great intro episode for anyone who is looking for more of our show or theirs. This is the start of something... grand..

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2083b.mp3
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In this episode, Will and Chris have been playing a lot of board games in person: Building castles as corrupt contractors in Caylus, profiteering from unending war in Imperial, and causing disruption of the geriatric spice in The Dice Must Flow. There are also a lot of Korean MMOs and Skyrim with guns without guns. And Mottainai.

Caylus - 01:25
The Dice Must Flow -05:52
Vindictus- 10:21
Will's GotW: Blade and Soul - 11:57
Imperial - 29:46
Far Cry Primal - 37:40
Freebooters on the Frontier - 40:11
Chris' GotW: Mottainai - 41:46
Closing and Contact Info - 63:22

Direct download: The20Die20Is20Podcast2C20Episode2083a.m4a
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In this episode, we discuss the podcast, how it got started, and what our goals are. Most importantly, how do we review games? What is important in a game review? What isn't? Why do we have such strong opinions and how do we decide what those should be? Why don't you have a podcast about games that we can listen to? And Chris rants about any number of things...


Episode 0? - 01:48
The Podcast and why we do it - 04:24
Anyone can do a podcast, but... - 07:28
Podcasts for discussions - 12:01
Difference of opinions - 19:20
The Goals for our show - 22:30
How not to review games - 34:12
What a game review should be - 40:35
The B part Discussion - 54:30
The cost of reviews - 60:08
Closing and Contact Info - 66:54

Direct download: The20Die20Is20Podcast2C20Episode2082b.m4a
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In this episode, we discuss the excitement of wanting to try Undying and Freebooters on the Frontier, and the anticipatory disappointment of not being able to. Will wonders if Tom Clancy actually wrote something called The Division, and Chris tries to talk you off the ledge of Food Chain Magnate. Also, a couple of Games of the Week about dramatically different centuries!


Undying pdf release - 01:04
The Division - 07:25
Will's GotW: Fallout 4 - 12:19
Food Chain Magnate ain't for everyone - 37:23
Joraku! - 42:15
Freebooters hype - 45:30
Chris' FotW: 1889 - 48:03
Closing and Contact info - 71:38

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In this episode, we discuss the various phases of preparing to run or play RPGs, and how each of us meets that challenge. How do you choose which game to run? How do you get the other players interested? How much prep do you do, and how do you actually do it? And what happens when your prep inevitably wasn't enough because the players (or dice) do something completely unexpected?

The firstest question - 03:28
Choosing a game - 07:13
How do you get the players on board? - 17:20
How do you do prep? - 29:01
What do you prep and how much? - 39:49
Predicting the future - 47:06
When the unexpected happens - 49:42
A different kind of expectation - 57:48
The Homework! - 64:22
Closing and Contact Info - 65:11

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In this episode, we talk about a few upcoming games and crowdfunding projects that have us pumped, an RPG about Vampires that isn't from the 90s, and Khmer's new name. Will has played a lot of Satellite Reign, but not nearly enough of his 10x10 Challenge list, and Chris has played enough of his 10x10 Challenge list, but not nearly enough of The Witness. More game talk!

Khmer's wide release as Elements - 01:23
Codex on Kickstarter - 03:52
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Oblivaeon info - 09:54
Diceless Vampire Politics - 14:07
Will's GotW: Satellite Reign - 16:20
Progress on 10x10 - 30:38
Pandemic Legacy a whole bunch - 31:38
Tomb of the Necrodancer - 36:14
Card Crawl - 38:50
Chris' GotW: The Witness - 42:16
Closing and contact info - 56:53

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In this episode, we discuss gamers' obsession with new games. Why is new stuff so important to us? What are the potential issues with rely heavily on new experiences? How do you get enough value from your old games? And why can't you stop listening to reviewers and buying the things they like? We feel partially responsible, and we are here to help!

The Fury of Preorders - 03:50
Keeping up with releases - 06:04
The Attraction of New Games - 07:41
Doing a 10x10 list - 10:57
Value in playing a game "enough" - 19:42
Stop listening to us! - 25:38
Problems of Relying on New Experiences - 29:19
Game Buyers Anonymous - 50:03
Benefits of New! - 53:58
Closing and Contact Info - 59:58

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In this episode, everything gets crazy! Will and Chris talk for a while about tons of games, and then Chris accidentally and permanently deletes the second half of their conversation... The end of the multiverse! Cthulhu spreads influence like a disease! Bedlam rules! Mutant rats invade from the depths! etc. Eventually you get a soothing description of the several games that Chris has played as well. And our games of the week, without too many exclamation points.

The end of the Multiverse! - 01:12
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu - 5:08
More Sentinels play! - 08:04
Skyshine's Bedlam - 12:04
Warhammer: Vermintide - 15:28
Will's GotW: Dungeon of the Endless - 19:00
Time Clickers - 32:09
Lara Croft GO - 33:39
Dead of Winter - 35:07
The Grizzled - 40:18
Chris' GotW: Dexikon - 41:54
Closing and Contact Info - 50:33

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In this episode, Will avoids starvation, hacks his way across Satellite Reign, figures out "EVE Online, but with robots," and rediscovers Star Wars Galaxies. Chris wonders about the difficulty shifts in Pandemic Legacy, keeps playing Mottainai but keeps getting confused, and is on the look out for good video games that he missed. And don't forget about out Games of the Week.

Star Wars Rebellion - 00:46
Will's 10x10 - 03:52
Don't Starve - 08:25
Satellite Reign - 10:15
Perpetuum, Eve with Robots? - 12:39
Rediscovering Star Wars Galaxies - 14:28
Will's Game of the Week - Eldritch Horror - 18:13
Pandemic Legacy - 33:58
Mo' Mottainai - 36:55
Searching for more video games - 38:19
Chris' 10x10 - 39:48
Chris' Game of the Week: Hive - 42:06
Closing and Contact Info - 55:35

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In this episode, we tackle the importance of "story" in RPGs. Does the narrative take precedence over the rules? What is a "story" in an RPG, and why does everybody want one so desperately? What makes a story interesting, and how do you get that stuff into an RPG? How can you improvise a good story without over-preparing or simply sticking to a script? And in a new addition for 2016, homework for our listeners: The Question of the Week!

Introduction - 00:00

"Story" takes precedence, but what is it? - 01:37


What makes a story interesting? - 15:28

The conflict between "story" and "rules" - 29:07

Improvising stories in RPGs - 39:41

Picking a suitable game - 55:34

The Final Question - 61:46

Closing and Contact Info - 63:41

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In this episode, the first of the fourth year of The Die is Podcast, we talk about a pile of games that we played during the Christmas holidays, including Eldritch Horror, Forbidden Stars, and Kemet. Will has been playing a game about the Wild West that inexplicably involves demons and penetration, and Chris has been falling down a well of despair about Khmer replacing Haggis...

We are entering our fourth year! - 01:01
Will's Game of the Week: Hard West - 03:57
Downwell - 19:17
Powerade Grid Deluxe - 21:27
Eldritch Horror - 25:49
Forbidden Stars - 29:08
Compared to Kemet - 33:25
Chris' Game of the Week: Khmer - 36:18
Closing and Contact Info - 51:22

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