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In this episode, Will avoids starvation, hacks his way across Satellite Reign, figures out "EVE Online, but with robots," and rediscovers Star Wars Galaxies. Chris wonders about the difficulty shifts in Pandemic Legacy, keeps playing Mottainai but keeps getting confused, and is on the look out for good video games that he missed. And don't forget about out Games of the Week.

Star Wars Rebellion - 00:46
Will's 10x10 - 03:52
Don't Starve - 08:25
Satellite Reign - 10:15
Perpetuum, Eve with Robots? - 12:39
Rediscovering Star Wars Galaxies - 14:28
Will's Game of the Week - Eldritch Horror - 18:13
Pandemic Legacy - 33:58
Mo' Mottainai - 36:55
Searching for more video games - 38:19
Chris' 10x10 - 39:48
Chris' Game of the Week: Hive - 42:06
Closing and Contact Info - 55:35

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In this episode, we tackle the importance of "story" in RPGs. Does the narrative take precedence over the rules? What is a "story" in an RPG, and why does everybody want one so desperately? What makes a story interesting, and how do you get that stuff into an RPG? How can you improvise a good story without over-preparing or simply sticking to a script? And in a new addition for 2016, homework for our listeners: The Question of the Week!

Introduction - 00:00

"Story" takes precedence, but what is it? - 01:37


What makes a story interesting? - 15:28

The conflict between "story" and "rules" - 29:07

Improvising stories in RPGs - 39:41

Picking a suitable game - 55:34

The Final Question - 61:46

Closing and Contact Info - 63:41

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In this episode, the first of the fourth year of The Die is Podcast, we talk about a pile of games that we played during the Christmas holidays, including Eldritch Horror, Forbidden Stars, and Kemet. Will has been playing a game about the Wild West that inexplicably involves demons and penetration, and Chris has been falling down a well of despair about Khmer replacing Haggis...

We are entering our fourth year! - 01:01
Will's Game of the Week: Hard West - 03:57
Downwell - 19:17
Powerade Grid Deluxe - 21:27
Eldritch Horror - 25:49
Forbidden Stars - 29:08
Compared to Kemet - 33:25
Chris' Game of the Week: Khmer - 36:18
Closing and Contact Info - 51:22

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