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In this episode, we discuss the various phases of preparing to run or play RPGs, and how each of us meets that challenge. How do you choose which game to run? How do you get the other players interested? How much prep do you do, and how do you actually do it? And what happens when your prep inevitably wasn't enough because the players (or dice) do something completely unexpected?

The firstest question - 03:28
Choosing a game - 07:13
How do you get the players on board? - 17:20
How do you do prep? - 29:01
What do you prep and how much? - 39:49
Predicting the future - 47:06
When the unexpected happens - 49:42
A different kind of expectation - 57:48
The Homework! - 64:22
Closing and Contact Info - 65:11

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In this episode, we talk about a few upcoming games and crowdfunding projects that have us pumped, an RPG about Vampires that isn't from the 90s, and Khmer's new name. Will has played a lot of Satellite Reign, but not nearly enough of his 10x10 Challenge list, and Chris has played enough of his 10x10 Challenge list, but not nearly enough of The Witness. More game talk!

Khmer's wide release as Elements - 01:23
Codex on Kickstarter - 03:52
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Oblivaeon info - 09:54
Diceless Vampire Politics - 14:07
Will's GotW: Satellite Reign - 16:20
Progress on 10x10 - 30:38
Pandemic Legacy a whole bunch - 31:38
Tomb of the Necrodancer - 36:14
Card Crawl - 38:50
Chris' GotW: The Witness - 42:16
Closing and contact info - 56:53

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In this episode, we discuss gamers' obsession with new games. Why is new stuff so important to us? What are the potential issues with rely heavily on new experiences? How do you get enough value from your old games? And why can't you stop listening to reviewers and buying the things they like? We feel partially responsible, and we are here to help!

The Fury of Preorders - 03:50
Keeping up with releases - 06:04
The Attraction of New Games - 07:41
Doing a 10x10 list - 10:57
Value in playing a game "enough" - 19:42
Stop listening to us! - 25:38
Problems of Relying on New Experiences - 29:19
Game Buyers Anonymous - 50:03
Benefits of New! - 53:58
Closing and Contact Info - 59:58

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In this episode, everything gets crazy! Will and Chris talk for a while about tons of games, and then Chris accidentally and permanently deletes the second half of their conversation... The end of the multiverse! Cthulhu spreads influence like a disease! Bedlam rules! Mutant rats invade from the depths! etc. Eventually you get a soothing description of the several games that Chris has played as well. And our games of the week, without too many exclamation points.

The end of the Multiverse! - 01:12
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu - 5:08
More Sentinels play! - 08:04
Skyshine's Bedlam - 12:04
Warhammer: Vermintide - 15:28
Will's GotW: Dungeon of the Endless - 19:00
Time Clickers - 32:09
Lara Croft GO - 33:39
Dead of Winter - 35:07
The Grizzled - 40:18
Chris' GotW: Dexikon - 41:54
Closing and Contact Info - 50:33

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