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In this episode, Chris grumbles about the general lack of mechanical variety in RPGs, especially with regards to the resolution of skills and the possible outcomes of actions and scenes. Brandon listens pensively. Then we talk about our favorite RPGs that spice it up by offering a different/additional axis to "success/failure), be it cost, narration, additional benefits or drawbacks, or something else entirely.

The Depth of Possibility in RPGs - 02:20
Too many RPG clones - 09:25
Resolution of Skills and Outcomes - 16:22
Multi-dimensional Resolution - 30:00
"Can't you do this with any game?" - 50:53
Closing and Contact Info - 60:23

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In this episode, Brandon finally gets some games to the table that Chris has been praising for a looooong time. Chris revisits Dishonored and Kill Doctor Lucky, and plays a game that is extremely, depressingly realistic about the American presidential election...

Episode 100 Incoming - 1:23
Nintendo Switch? - 4:25
Brandon plays Splendor - 9:08
Brandon plays Schema - 16:26
Brandon plays Dead of Winter - 24:00
Revisiting Dishonored - 30:13
Elements acquisition - 32:44
Finding a real gamer Meetup - 34:56
Re-killing Doctor Lucky - 39:03
Chris' GotW: Ameritocracy - 44:01
Closing and Contact Info - 61:08

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In this episode, Chris and Dan (visiting from GNU) discuss Magic: The Gathering. What makes Magic worth playing? What makes it frustrating or difficult? What games do we play instead of Magic that still have all of those gold things but none of the bad?

Reasons to Enjoy Magic - 01:44
Magic Replacements - 32:09
Closing and Contact Info - 86:50

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In this episode, Dan and Kim from The GNU Podcast pay us a visit to the show. Chris lets us know about the dice game Rolling America, the stacking game Junk Art, and the cynical political game Ameritocracy. Dan explains the rad art decisions of Hit Z Road and the deck building of Clank. And we all have games of the week!

Where is Brandon, you ask? Who's Brandon?

Rolling America - 03:16
Junk Art - 09:36
Ameritocracy - 20:52
Chris' GotW: Ortus Regni - 34:12
Hit Z Road - 58:28
Clank - 70:47
Dan's GotW: Paperback - 78:41
Kim's GotW: Dragon Quest Builder - 92:15

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