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In this episode, Brandon and Chris discuss the real party behind the party game. What distinguishes as "party" game from other types of games? Do they need to be printed and touched? Why does Cards Against Humanity suck so much? And what makes a good party game?

What is "Party Games"? - 01:45
What do we like about them, or not - 08:41
Always board/card games? - 19:30
The Bad Ones - 28:50
Great Party Games - 36:30
Closing and Contact Info - 53:52

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In this episode, we welcome the new year by playing a whole bunch of board games. Brandon has a family and friends to play Star Wars Force Arena, Epic Spell Wars, and Onitama with. Chris has a bunch of AIs and an abundance of time to give gifts to and draft insults with. We also talk about wandering and losing in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and card-counting in Schotten Totten.

Epic Spell Wars - 01:44
Onitama - 04:45
Star Wars Force Arena - 08:48
Linko! - 11:28
Brandon's GotW - 14:49
Christmas Gift Games - 30:00
10x10 Progress - 38:01
Oh, Sir... The Insult Simulator - 41:13
Common Mortals in the Funnel - 42:38
Chris' GotW - Schotten Totten - 44:50

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In this episode, Susie and Chris talk about the point of a "10x10 Challenge." What is it and why should anyone do it? What gen games did they choose, and why are those games suitable for the "challenge? Tell us about your 10x10 list, and let's discuss the games we all want to play more.

Why do a 10x10 challenge? - 02:28
Agricola - 09:26
Antike Duellum - 18:31
Caylus - 21:29
Codex - 25:32
Coup G54 - 29:06
Elements - 32:52
Linko! - 38:23
Onitama - 42:09
Ortus Regni - 46:08
Schotten Totten - 49:49
The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game - 56:22
Closing and Contact Info - 62:39

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