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In this episode, Brandon goes Source-hunting in Divinity, and Chris goes Nazi-hunting in Wolfenstein II. That’s it. That’s all we got. We play games and then talk about them. What do you want from us?

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In this episode, Brandon takes us back to the grand strategy of Through the Ages and the somewhat insufficient Thunderstone Advance. Chris gives us the scoop on the Trade and Intrigue expansion for Orléans and beats the wealthy at their own game in High Society.

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In this episode, Brandon demonstrates the power of the French in Empires, while Chris demonstrates the lack of theme of the French in Orléans. Farmers and luxuries and automation! Vive les boardgames!

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In this episode, Brandon let’s us know what it’s like to to play One Deck Dungeon on his black mirror, followed by a deep dive into Dice Forge, a game in which you... forge... dice... Chris reminds us that he thought the Spiel des Jahres winner was just okay, but The King is Dead (RPG) is much better. And the guilty pleasure of imperialist colonization feel a little less guilty in Empires.

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In this episode, Brandon explores the ancient complexities of the game Julius Caesar called “Knights of the Old Republic,” and Chris accidentally blue himself. Turns out there is no Dana, only Azul.

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In this episode, Brandon reminds us that One Deck Dungeon is as good as Chris said, while Chris waggles his finger at house rules, then suggests a house rule for his favorite game...

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In this episode, Brandon tells us everything he thinks about the new expansion/update to Stellaris. Chris gets his brain invaded by the Antiquity worm, but more importantly, he’s played One Deck Dungeon a whole lot. Poop emojis comin’ atcha.

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In this episode, Brandon regales us with the complexities of Tournament at Camelot, including the difference between a poison apple and a sword. Chris takes two turns as he describes the other The King is Dead and the absolute plague of fun in Antiquity.

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In this episode, Brandon fills us in on Battletech and how very, very different it might be from Mechwarrior Online, and Chris can’t stop talking about how tight and restrictive The King Is Dead is. We keep it to a nice, listenable 40 minutes, and hardly get sidetracked at all!

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In this episode, Brandon updates us on MWO updates and “finds” a “path” to the “stars.” Chris plays through the latest game in the “Kratos angrily kills everything” series and lets us know what’s up.

Mechwarrior Online updates - 01:26

Starfinder - 05:52

God of War (2018) - 30:11

Closing and Contact Info - 47:58

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In this episode, we talk about games to play while bar-hopping, the Whitehack RPG, BattleCon, and the Ascension app. Boy, it’s a good thing we didn’t play more games over the past couple of weeks, or we would never have been able to keep this under an hour...

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In this episode, Chris revisits some games from a decade ago, Brandon gets sucked into the Stardew Valley void, and we talk about Fugitive (and whether or not catching a fugitive constitutes “taking a prisoner”).

Brandon’s Mushroom Farm - 01:36
Starfound? - 04:39
Dominion and Race for the Galaxy - 18:18
Fugitive - 26:39
Closing and Contact Info - 37:38

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In this episode, Chris talks about D&D, OSR, Whitehack, and how that last one does really cool stuff in its magic system.

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In this episode, Brandon finally gets to brag about his stock market gains... he also mentions an actual game (playing Sentinels of the Multiverse at that restaurant Farva likes with all the goofy sh*t on the walls). Chris regales us with his excitement for farming turnips and melons in Stardew Valley, but never lets us forget the number of coffee pot kickstarters he has participated in.

Brandon’s Stock Market Analysis - 01:33
Sentinels of the Multiverse and using “shenanigans” as an adjective - 13:06
A little improvement at Games Workshop - 19:44
Hot Springs eternal - 22:28
The Impulse to kickstart and the difficulty of waiting - 26:09
Stardew Valley - 30:11
Closing and Contact Info - 43:54

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In this very, very short episode, Chris fills us in on what’s up with the Godbound game we’ve been playing, and how to have success with imposter syndrome in A Fake Artist Goes to New York.

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In this episode, we laugh about our Godbound game, play some old favorites (Mechwarrior Online and One Night Ultimate Werewolf), and some new games that may (or may not) be Chris’ jam.

Godbound - 00:52
Mechwarrior Online - 06:00
One Lunch Ultimate Werewolf - 08:04
Stardew Valley - 14:08
Solitairica - 19:14
Closing and Contact Info - 31:23

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In this episode, we talk about the troubles of bards as they gain levels in D&D, the troubles of demigods as they try to fight mortal heroes in Godbound, and the troubles of fudging in games.

D&Days go by... - 01:30
Godbound - 07:57
...and fudging, in context - 13:50
Closing and Contact Info - 40:45

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In this episode, Brandon talks about his experiences with Betrayal at House on the Hill, a game about exploring a haunted house, and Chris talks about his experiences with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game about exploring Hyrule.

Betrayal at House on the Hill - 02:07
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 14:15
Closing and Contact Info - 37:52

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