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In this episode, Chris revisits some games from a decade ago, Brandon gets sucked into the Stardew Valley void, and we talk about Fugitive (and whether or not catching a fugitive constitutes “taking a prisoner”).

Brandon’s Mushroom Farm - 01:36
Starfound? - 04:39
Dominion and Race for the Galaxy - 18:18
Fugitive - 26:39
Closing and Contact Info - 37:38

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In this episode, Chris talks about D&D, OSR, Whitehack, and how that last one does really cool stuff in its magic system.

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In this episode, Brandon finally gets to brag about his stock market gains... he also mentions an actual game (playing Sentinels of the Multiverse at that restaurant Farva likes with all the goofy sh*t on the walls). Chris regales us with his excitement for farming turnips and melons in Stardew Valley, but never lets us forget the number of coffee pot kickstarters he has participated in.

Brandon’s Stock Market Analysis - 01:33
Sentinels of the Multiverse and using “shenanigans” as an adjective - 13:06
A little improvement at Games Workshop - 19:44
Hot Springs eternal - 22:28
The Impulse to kickstart and the difficulty of waiting - 26:09
Stardew Valley - 30:11
Closing and Contact Info - 43:54

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In this very, very short episode, Chris fills us in on what’s up with the Godbound game we’ve been playing, and how to have success with imposter syndrome in A Fake Artist Goes to New York.

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