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In this episode, we talk about a few upcoming games and crowdfunding projects that have us pumped, an RPG about Vampires that isn't from the 90s, and Khmer's new name. Will has played a lot of Satellite Reign, but not nearly enough of his 10x10 Challenge list, and Chris has played enough of his 10x10 Challenge list, but not nearly enough of The Witness. More game talk!

Khmer's wide release as Elements - 01:23
Codex on Kickstarter - 03:52
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Oblivaeon info - 09:54
Diceless Vampire Politics - 14:07
Will's GotW: Satellite Reign - 16:20
Progress on 10x10 - 30:38
Pandemic Legacy a whole bunch - 31:38
Tomb of the Necrodancer - 36:14
Card Crawl - 38:50
Chris' GotW: The Witness - 42:16
Closing and contact info - 56:53

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In this episode, we discuss gamers' obsession with new games. Why is new stuff so important to us? What are the potential issues with rely heavily on new experiences? How do you get enough value from your old games? And why can't you stop listening to reviewers and buying the things they like? We feel partially responsible, and we are here to help!

The Fury of Preorders - 03:50
Keeping up with releases - 06:04
The Attraction of New Games - 07:41
Doing a 10x10 list - 10:57
Value in playing a game "enough" - 19:42
Stop listening to us! - 25:38
Problems of Relying on New Experiences - 29:19
Game Buyers Anonymous - 50:03
Benefits of New! - 53:58
Closing and Contact Info - 59:58

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In this episode, everything gets crazy! Will and Chris talk for a while about tons of games, and then Chris accidentally and permanently deletes the second half of their conversation... The end of the multiverse! Cthulhu spreads influence like a disease! Bedlam rules! Mutant rats invade from the depths! etc. Eventually you get a soothing description of the several games that Chris has played as well. And our games of the week, without too many exclamation points.

The end of the Multiverse! - 01:12
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu - 5:08
More Sentinels play! - 08:04
Skyshine's Bedlam - 12:04
Warhammer: Vermintide - 15:28
Will's GotW: Dungeon of the Endless - 19:00
Time Clickers - 32:09
Lara Croft GO - 33:39
Dead of Winter - 35:07
The Grizzled - 40:18
Chris' GotW: Dexikon - 41:54
Closing and Contact Info - 50:33

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In this episode, Will avoids starvation, hacks his way across Satellite Reign, figures out "EVE Online, but with robots," and rediscovers Star Wars Galaxies. Chris wonders about the difficulty shifts in Pandemic Legacy, keeps playing Mottainai but keeps getting confused, and is on the look out for good video games that he missed. And don't forget about out Games of the Week.

Star Wars Rebellion - 00:46
Will's 10x10 - 03:52
Don't Starve - 08:25
Satellite Reign - 10:15
Perpetuum, Eve with Robots? - 12:39
Rediscovering Star Wars Galaxies - 14:28
Will's Game of the Week - Eldritch Horror - 18:13
Pandemic Legacy - 33:58
Mo' Mottainai - 36:55
Searching for more video games - 38:19
Chris' 10x10 - 39:48
Chris' Game of the Week: Hive - 42:06
Closing and Contact Info - 55:35

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In this episode, we tackle the importance of "story" in RPGs. Does the narrative take precedence over the rules? What is a "story" in an RPG, and why does everybody want one so desperately? What makes a story interesting, and how do you get that stuff into an RPG? How can you improvise a good story without over-preparing or simply sticking to a script? And in a new addition for 2016, homework for our listeners: The Question of the Week!

Introduction - 00:00

"Story" takes precedence, but what is it? - 01:37


What makes a story interesting? - 15:28

The conflict between "story" and "rules" - 29:07

Improvising stories in RPGs - 39:41

Picking a suitable game - 55:34

The Final Question - 61:46

Closing and Contact Info - 63:41

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In this episode, the first of the fourth year of The Die is Podcast, we talk about a pile of games that we played during the Christmas holidays, including Eldritch Horror, Forbidden Stars, and Kemet. Will has been playing a game about the Wild West that inexplicably involves demons and penetration, and Chris has been falling down a well of despair about Khmer replacing Haggis...

We are entering our fourth year! - 01:01
Will's Game of the Week: Hard West - 03:57
Downwell - 19:17
Powerade Grid Deluxe - 21:27
Eldritch Horror - 25:49
Forbidden Stars - 29:08
Compared to Kemet - 33:25
Chris' Game of the Week: Khmer - 36:18
Closing and Contact Info - 51:22

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In this episode, we talk about so much of what happened in the past twelve months. What were our favorite games? What were out least favorites? How were our expectations met (or how were we)? We take a fun look back, and once again make some guesses about what will be fun in the upcoming year.

Introduction- 0:00:00
How wrong were we? - 03:10
The year overall - 15:18
The best games in 2015 - 23:01
The least games of 2015 - 44:55
Significantly Different Opinions - 61:37
Not played enough - 68:29
Most anticipated in 2016 - 74:51
Closing and Contact Info - 79:27

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In this episode, Will and Brandon play Mechwarrior! What year is it? Chris recommends Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest, nearly finishes his 10x10 gaming challenge, and tells a story about how Cool Stuff Inc really blew it. In depth discussion of our Games of the Week included!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Will and Brandon play Mechwarrior - 0:01:40

Will's Game of the Week: Rainbow 6 Seige - 0:07:16

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest - 0:23:37

The 10x10 Comes to an End - 0:27:52

Cool Stuff Blunders - 0:30:19

Chris' Game of the Week: The Perilous Wilds - 0:34:34

Closing and Contact Info - 0:54:24

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In this episode, we discuss two approaches to strategies in games: with one, you pick an idea and stick to it, and with the other, you adapt and change. Is it weird to stick with something you believe will win? Is the simplification of a game's strategic options possible? What do you do when you can't use a flat strategy to win anymore? We get deep in the dirt with some of our thoughts, and we need to be told why we are wrong! (@thedieispodcast)


Introduction - 0:00:00

The oddity of minimizing choices - 0:01:16

Static vs. Dynamic - 0:20:30

Why a Static Strategy? - 0:26:27

Why a Dynamic Strategy? - 0:46:11

A Final Note on Judging Games - 0:54:29

Closing and Contact Info - 0:58:09

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In this episode, Will starts a new Rockband excursion and grinds out more c-bills in Mechwarrior. Chris continues his laps around Skyrim and grinds out more plays in his 10x10 Challenge. Then, possibly due to the latest campaign release, Will goes back to tell us his thoughts on Star Craft 2, and Chris gets all twisted up about Will wanting to play a superhero game in his "review" of Worlds in Peril.


Introduction - 0:00:00

New Rockband - 0:01:22

Mechwarrior Online on Steam - 0:05:18

Will's Game of the Week: Star Craft 2 - 0:09:32

Further Skyrim thoughts - 0:24:19

Cutting the 10x10 Challenge close - 0:29:35

Chris' Game of the Week: Worlds in Peril - 0:30:33

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:04

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In this episode, we we talk about talking and argue about arguing in RPGs. What are the good and bad aspects of social mechanics? Why do RPGs have rules for stuff in the first place? How do you measure how effective an disagreement or argument is? And are there games that have properly implemented something like this?


Introduction - 0:00:00

For and Against Social Mechanics - 0:02:51

What is the point of resolution mechanics? - 0:07:12

Which Intrusive Mechanics to have? - 0:18:19

The Dangers of Social Mechanics - 0:29:05

Games that Avoid the Dangers - 0:35:09

Closing and Contact Info - 0:51:23

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In this episode, Brandon would be excited about a new Valkyria Chronicles game, but it's not coming out in the US for a while, and he's not in the recording booth. Chris plays a handful of games of 504 and Food Chain Magnate and gets way too excited about some RPGs, while Will gets carried around as either Cho or Gall, and otherwise filthy casuals his way through Heroes of the Storm. Oh, and Chris plays some game called Skyrim.


Introduction - 0:00:00

New Valkyria Chronicles? - 0:00:55

Hey, play games on your vacations! - 0:04:13

Will's Game of the Week: Heroes of the Storm - 0:06:35

Food Chain Magnate - 0:29:30

504 and Stock Shares - 0:32:42

The *Worlds Hole - 0:37:39

Chris' Game of the Week: Skyrim - 0:38:56

One Other Thing: Finishing Witcher 3 - 1:00:19

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:40

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In this episode, we discuss a spectrum in the world of games: on one end, the games where what matters is the cool story you experience and can tell afterwards, and on the other, the games where what matters is the tightly interlocked and difficult to master rules and mechanisms. What is good about these? What is bad? Can you like both? And if you can, are there any games that feature both? Also, Chris talks shit about George R. R. Martin.


Introduction - 0:00:00

The Strategy/Experience Spectrum - 0:01:29

Reference points: Experience - 0:08:30

Reference points: Strategy - 0:27:10

What is good or bad about... - 0:42:00

Mismatched expectations - 0:50:45

The Middle of the Spectrum - 0:57:25

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:54

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In this episode, we get excited about a ten year old video game (Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines) and a ten day old video game (Subterfuge). Will gets psyched about the different modes in Halo 5, and then royally screws up in Codenames. Chris gets infuriated about some other thing in a game of Caylus, plays a random mixture of modules in 504, and is trying to get Will psyched about playing some RPGs soon.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Star Wars: Rebellion - 0:01:14

Halo 5 Multiplayer - 0:04:28

Will blows it at Codenames - 0:09:10

Will's Game of the Week: Bloodlines - 0:10:32

Caylus and blowing up - 0:27:19

504 = 586 - 0:30:56

Some exciting RPGs - 0:33:47

Chris' Game of the Week: Subterfuge - 0:36:50

Closing and Contact Info - 1:08:44

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In this episode, we talk about RPGs! Well, one specific thing within them: how you (and your group) can make characters that are not just fun to play, but also fun to play near. What makes characters in RPGs memorable? What makes them irritating? What tools are there to make your characters fun for the other players, and theirs fun for yours? Why is my character not the main protagonist in every game? Come on...


Introduction - 0:00:00

Getting to know the characters - 0:03:13

Engaging character reference points - 0:15:53

Mechanical - 0:31:12

Personality - 0:36:02

Background - 0:39:46

Relationships - 0:47:50

Internal Conflicts - 0:51:49

The Real Trick: the Other Players - 0:56:41

Closing and Contact Info - 1:12:50

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In this episode, Will talks about his experiences Witching. Or Twitching. Maybe both. He's also tried the Battlefront beta. Chris has played some new games since his Essen experiences, and is excited about the long-awaited release of Subterfuge. More discussion than you can fit into 59 minutes, so we had to extend to 59.5! Also, our games of the week are a digital D&D-like, Sword Coast Legends, and a brain-melting word association game, Codenames.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Will Twitching Witcher - 0:01:50

Star Wars Bad-lefront - 0:07:06

Will's Game of the Week - 0:09:29

Dem Essen Games - 0:28:49

Forbidden Stars: Axis and Allies in Space! - 0:30:13

Playin' and Sellin' Mage Knight - 0:32:55

Subterfuge is OUT! - 0:34:46

Chris' Game of the Week - Codenames 0:41:32

Closing and Contact Info - 0:57:21

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In this episode, Chris and Susie discuss all of the games they saw, played, and bought at Essen Spiel this year (except for Pick-a-dog). They discuss the preponderance of civilization games, the international publisher presence (especially from East Asia), the still-expanding number of microgames, and then give awards for some of the best and worst of the show.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Overall Impressions - 0:02:16

Civilization Games - 0:04:17

East Asian Publishers - 0:16:33

Microgames - 0:36:45

The "Incomplete" Games - 0:43:15

The Die is Podcast Spiel 2015 Awards - 0:51:41

Best in Show - 1:08:02

Closing and Contact Information - 1:16:45

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In this episode, Chris has been to Essen Spiel, and while there he talked to Paul Bender from Greater Than Games and Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games. Both had a lot to say about how much work the convention is, but how much fun that work can be. Give it a listen! And if you want to know more about any of the games they discuss, head over to and for more.

And stay tuned for the next episode where we give our opinions on all those new games we played or tried!

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In this episode, we discuss the ever-present claim that a game is broken, and what it really means. How do you know a game is "broken," and you don't just suck? What is the difference between a broken video game, board game, and RPG? Why is Chris so sure that he can tell a broken game but other people can't?

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In this episode, we get hyped far too early about whatever "Pokemon Go" is... plus, Will plays a bunch of games that don't cost him any money, and Chris basically just lists a bunch of games that he thinks are incredible. Our games of the week are a big ol' Action MMORPG and a game where you dig. Ya dig?


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's a Pokemon Go? - 0:01:48

Might No. 9 Demo - 0:04:26

Tomb Raider for free - 0:08:45

Will's Game of the Week: Vindictus - 0:12:43

Coming around on Kemet - 0:29:32

Jadepunk - 0:33:56

Puzzle Craft... 2!!! - 0:35:38

Fields of Arle - 0:38:17

Chris' Game of the Week - 0:39:31

Closing and Contact Info - 0:55:41

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In this episode, we are separate but still getting our "game" on. Will is on the look out for something good to fill the time, and Bladestorm isn't it. Apparently, neither is Neverwinter Nights 2. He plays Evolve by himself, and it just isn't right. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the planet, Chris tries Cockroach Poker and One Night Werewolf with the wrong groups of people, gets beaten down by Freedom, and finally plays a game that works for his game of the week.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Kakerlaken Poker - 0:01:29

More One Night Ultimate Werewolf - 0:03:34

Freedom: The Underground Railroad - 0:05:50

Chris' Game of the Week: Monikers - 0:08:31

Totally unscientific Microcosmum - 0:23:12

Bladestorm of regrets - 0:25:33

Neverwinter Nights, Too! - 0:28:29

Will's Game of the Week: Evolve - 0:31:24

Closing and Contact Info - 0:47:18

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In this episode, we explore the complex bluffing, guessing, out-guessing and mind-reading that play an important role in so many games. Where does it come from? Why is it fun? What mind games do you play in video games, RPGs, and board games? What are the best "mind game" games? Let's dig in!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Getting to the "Mind Game" - 0:02:20

Why it's fun in... - 0:10:37

...Video Games - 0:12:09

...RPGs - 0:24:50

...Board Games - 0:37:39

Our Favorite "Mind Game" Games - 0:47:30

Closing and Contact Info - 0:56:59

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In this episode, Will sneaks around in a rogue-like-like-like with Invisible, Inc., and Chris bashes his tender head against a sketchy AI in Battlelore Command. Elsewhere, Diplomatic relations with Turkey go south and the guys try Legendary again. Chris can't handle the adventure of Robinson Crusoe, and gets excited about the depth of combos in ancient Egyptian mythological battles. All of that, and presumably more!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Xcom 2 pushed back - 0:00:57

Learning Legendary - 0:06:29

Will's Game of the Week: Invisible, Inc. - 0:08:41

Robinson Crusoe Adventures - 0:28:08

Lewis and Clark Strategies - 0:32:07

Kemet Combos - 0:37:03

Chris' Game of the Week: Battlelore Command - 0:37:03

Closing and Contact Information - 0:57:29

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In this episode, we once again hop on the wagon with more "dynamic application of metaphorical terminology" than you can shake a stick at. Chris has been reading about "greebles" in sci-fi visual design, and runs off with the term to discuss it with Will and Brandon. What is a greeble? What are they in games, and why would designers put them there? What are some poor uses, and, more importantly, what are the best?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Made up words! - 0:01:04

Elegance and Sterility - 0:07:36

Excitement and Cacophony - 0:18:21

The Downsides of Greebles - 0:28:16

Bring on the positivity! - 0:40:08

Properly Engreebled Games - 0:48:31

Magic: The Greebling - 0:55:17

Closing and Contact Info - 0:59:00

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In this episode, we get psyched about Essen and the games that might be coming out there. Will gets sucked back into a couple of MMOs that he really should have known to avoid, and he forgets any Marvel supervillains except Sabertooth. Chris is overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in BattleCon and the lack of stuff in All Creatures Big and Small, and proves that humans are the dominant species compared with AIs.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Essen Games on BGG - 0:01:16

Star Trek + Mage Knigh Board Game - 0:03:04

Getting sucked into Eve Online - 0:05:15

The Old Republic Revisions - 0:09:42

Will's Game of the Week: Marvel Legendary - 0:12:24

Frequency of rolls in Fate - 0:35:46

The sheer amount of BattleCon stuff - 0:37:46

All Creatures Big and Small - 0:41:44

Chris' Game of the Week: Dominant Species - 0:43:58

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:50

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In this episode, we explore the dreary topic of "dying" in games. Is it different from simple failure? Why does it matter? How do different kind of games implement it, and why? What is up with death spirals? And what are some games where the designers really put some effort into making "death" an interesting part of the game?

Introduction - 0:00:00

What exactly is "dying"? - 0:03:01

Death in Board Games - 0:09:21

Death in Video Games - 0:19:52

Death in TTRPGs - 0:31:56

Fates worse than death - 0:38:21

RPG stakes that aren't death - 0:49:08

Games about death - 0:55:52

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:05

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In this episode, we talk about a sequel to a PC game coming to consoles, and a sequel to a console game coming to PCs. Will wastes time with Skyforge and uncoordinated spies in the Resistance, while Chris falls of the "not complaining about microtransactions" wagon, figures this whole Kanban thing out, and plays a couple of unbelievably good games. With in-depth reviews of Spyfall and, once again, The Banner Saga.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Wasteland 2 for consoles - 0:01:53

Xcom 2 for PC - 0:04:21

F2P MMO Skyforge - 0:06:24

The uncoordinated spies of Resistance - 0:11:13

Will's Game of the Week: The Banner Saga - 0:14:46

Alphabear microtransactions - 0:31:38

Two-player Kanban - 0:35:59

Khmer is unbelievable - 0:39:17

Alien Frontiers, not forgotten - 0:41:29

Chris' Game of the Week: Spyfall - 0:44:26

Closing and Contact Info - 1:07:32

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2067a.mp3
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In this episode, we go in search of the many paths that you may never see in a game. What strategies have we seen entirely missed by other players? What depth have we missed? How do you find the myriad of options if you genuinely believe there are none to be found? Why has Chris been reading so many books, and why won't anyone make it stop?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Summary Dismissal of Games - 0:01:11

What if you miss a path? - 0:12:37

A few games as a foundation - 0:17:11

How can you find the paths? - 0:24:29

Internal Analysis and Action Cycles - 0:36:54

Recognizing Meaningful Decisions - 0:46:10

Paths we've found, paths that don't exist - 0:53:36

Closing and Contact Info - 1:09:37

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2066b.mp3
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In this episode, Chris forgets how to count iOS apps, but sure does love playing them (including Summoner Wars, Splendor, and Dominant Species). The Athenians crush Iron Legacy in a climactic battle, and Will tries to split his time between FF14, his true love, and Warframe, his apparent mistress. Chris gets excited about a little art book and has a love/hate relationship with getting kicked in the nuts by board games. And don't forget our Games of the Week reviews!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Summoner Wars iOS is complete! - 0:01:09

Splendor iOS from out of nowhere - 0:01:48

Blade in the Dark update - 0:03:03

Recent Sentinels of the Multiverse experiences - 0:05:56

Splitting Will's FF14 and Warframe time - 0:10:26

Will's Game of the Week: The Banner Saga - 0:12:49

Playing Dominant Species iOS - 0:25:47

Sam Bosma's Inventory v1 for RPGs - 0:28:27

The Capitals: A Kick in the Nuts - 0:30:03

Chris' Game of the Week - Atomic Robo RPG

Closing and Contact Info - 0:57:29

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2066a.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss the intertwined aspects of "difficulty" and "quality" in games. What is difficulty? Why does it hold interest? How do we struggle when we learn games? Why is a difficult game sometimes mistakenly marked as good, simply because it is difficult? Hopefully we produce some answers.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Difficulty, as it relates to quality - 0:01:13

Dreading teaching/learning - 0:04:02

The faulty difficult/quality equivalence - 0:12:26

What difficulty really is - 0:18:49

Learning a game - 0:20:52

Parsing a game - 0:32:40

Mastering a game - 0:43:30

The actual difficulty/quality relationship - 0:48:00

Difficulty/Quality Hits and Misses - 0:51:10

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:01

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2065b.mp3
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In this episode, Will finally overcomes his kryptonite-like weakness against dice and smashes his friends' Luthor-like faces in the modern classic Machi Koro. Chris continues to play Pandemic like a winner, continues to play The Witcher 3 like a loser, and can't say enough positive things about the card game Guildhall.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Dominant Species 2.0 for iPad - 0:00:56

Getting hyped about Pandemic Legacy - 0:04:19

Will Must Have Built A Boat - 0:05:14

Will's Game of the Week: Machi Koro - 0:10:12

More of Pandemic - 0:39:42

More of The Witcher 3 - 0:42:28

Chris' Game of the Week: Guildhall - 0:46:22

Closing and Contact Info - 1:02:50

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2065a.mp3
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In this episode, we take a look back at the first six months of the year, and reminisce about our favorite games so far... and really tear into our least favorites. At least, somewhat. We also babble about E3, get waist-deep in the Origins Awards, and talk about many of the things we are looking forward to in the coming six months.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Chris' 10x10 Progress - 0:02:08

Favorite Games of 2015 - 0:06:11

Least Favorite Games - 0:22:59

E3 2015 - 0:42:06

Origins Awards - 0:58:07

Looking Forward... - 1:03:15

Closing and Contact Info - 1:23:09

Direct download: The20Die20is20Podcast2C20Episode2064b.mp3
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In this episode, we check out Will's massive chalice, remember we must build a boat, Chris gets a hat trick of sorts, and... oh my god, they nerfed the FF14 Black Mage. I can't believe it! Will also expands on his explosive assessment of Warframe as the game Destiny still wishes it could be, and Chris keeps on playing The Witcher 3 hoping the combat will get better.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Massive Chalice - 0:02:03

FF14 Heavensward - 0:06:27

Will's Game of the Week: Warframe - 0:09:54

Atomic Robo in two hours - 0:29:00

You Must Build a Boat was out - 0:31:25

Chris' Hat Trick - 0:33:29

The revelation that is Guild Hall - 0:36:36

Chris' Game of the Week: The Witcher 3 - 0:39:20

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:30

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In this episode, we discuss the myriad of reasons why we "move on" from games, why we finish with games and sometimes never go back. Sometimes, you just get fed up. Sometimes, you feel like there is nothing left for the game to offer. Sometimes something better comes along. And other times, you thought you had left a game behind, but it sneaks back in and you fall in love all over again...


Introduction - 0:00:00

Rage quitting! - 0:02:24

Burned out - 0:18:10

Fully explored - 0:28:44

Replaced - 0:38:01

The Irreplaceables - 0:50:25

Going back after moving on - 0:57:33

Closing and Contact Info - 1:02:06

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In this episode, we talk a little about our ongoing Diplomacy feuds, and a couple of conventions that we can and can't get to. Will plays a handful of video games, including a MOBA of some sort and what Destiny should have been but wasn't. Chris tries Witchering, gets confused about how to win a game, and leaks excitement about some RPGs that he wants to play. Also, never forget: In-depth reviews of our most played Games of the Week!

Introduction - 0:00:00

Essen and Other Conventions - 0:00:46

The Second World War I - 0:04:57

Smite Beta (Xbox MOBA) - 0:10:45

Warframe = Destiny, but better? - 0:14:49

Chroma Squad - 0:20:02

First hours of The Witcher 3 - 0:37:44

Kanban and "how to win" narratives - 0:42:14

Planning Atomic Robo - 0:45:41

Worlds in Peril looks radical - 0:47:03

Caylus - 0:49:50

Closing and Contact Info - 1:08:53

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In this episode, we talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 expansion Heavensward, the life-expectancy of the guys' D&D game, at least one super-dry euro-stravaganza, and something that is definitely not a cow level. Most importantly, we review two games that have numerals in their title: the sort-of-like-a-civilization 7 Wonders and the sort-of-like-a-government Democracy 3.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Convention Season Starts - 0:01:05

You Must Build a Boat - 0:04:05

Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG announced - 0:05:30

Heavensward Skills Preview - 0:09:18

Will the D&D game last? - 0:19:41

Diablo 3 Anniversary - 0:30:03

Chris plays Concordia - 0:36:46

Prepping for an RPG sampler - 0:39:23

Chris' Game of the Week: 7 Wonders - 0:42:15

Brandon's Game of the Week: Democracy 3 - 1:00:05

Closing and Contact Info - 1:14:19

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In this episode, we talk about a classic game that we've all had a chance to play together: Diplomacy! The game has a legendary status amongst certain gamers, and after finally playing it, we can understand why. What is this game? Why does it appeal? What problems did we run into? And with us is the GM, Susie Rogers, who saw everything from a bird's eye view and can tell us what really happened...

Introduction - 0:00:00

What is Diplomacy? - 0:04:18

What's fun about that? - 0:12:42

Cooperation vs. Backstabbing - 0:28:58

Our particular game - 0:34:42

Mistakes were made - 0:47:28

Other problems? - 1:01:52

Anticipation for the next game - 1:08:59

Closing and Contact Info - 1:16:19

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In this episode, two old games have new 1080p 60 FPS releases, so we give them the old The Die is Podcast review. There are a couple of news announcements, include the ramped up speed at which we will release out episodes, Will finally tries a couple of games his friends have been hassling him about, Chris gives up on trying to please Bloodborne and later hosts a night of games. Or earlier. To be honest, the order doesn't matter much.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Game of Thrones LCG 2nd edition - 0:01:35

Coup Rebellion G54 kickstarter - 0:04:58

Dominion Online Beta: Too late? - 0:07:45

Article 27's random features - 0:12:07

Will finally plays Hearthstone - 0:19:41

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin - 0:25:06

Chris is finished with Bloodborne - 0:43:20

Terra Mystica is thematically abstract - 0:50:08

Game Night re-hosted! - 0:53:36

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth - 0:54:46

Closing and Contact Info - 1:10:25


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In this episode, we look at the phenomenon of releasing incomplete games, and getting full credit for it. To be more specific, companies that have open betas, public playtests, freely available print-and-play prototypes, and why these things happen. What is good about them? What is bad about them? Why can't RPG companies just accept the need for playtesting and just do it? Well, we might have some answers

Introduction - 0:00:00

Why betas, prototypes, and playtests? - 0:04:25

Specific betas and playtest opportunities - 0:09:58

The negatives of betas, playtests, etc. - 0:19:57

Playtesting RPGs and limited genres - 0:29:47

Playtesting board games and small scale games - 0:36:33

When "playtesting" doesn't happen - 0:40:00

The Sweet Flavor of Good Playtesting - 0:48:41

Closing and Contact Info - 0:54:40

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In this episode, Will has a nightmare about meeting new people, a nightmare about a storm of blades, and a nightmare about succumbing to the dark pull of a hi-res Dark Souls game. Chris plays a game about polluting and starving to death, one about dying thousands of times, one about dying hundreds of times, and one about jumping around on platforms and grabbing coins. Also, Lords of Waterdeep and news so late that it's already been taken care of by the time you read this.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Diplomacy on Backstabbr - 0:01:06

Athens Board Game Meetup - 0:10:35

BLADESTORM: Nightmare - 0:12:09

Succumbing to Dark Souls 2 - 0:15:30

Will's GotW: Lords of Waterdeep - 0:16:33

Antiquity (in the Middle Ages) - 0:33:08

Axiom Verge - 0:37:25

Loony Quest - 0:38:55

Chris' GotW: Bloodborne - 0:42:44

Closing and Cthontact Info: 1:06:37

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In this episode, we discuss all the games that take an inordinate amount of our time. Why play a game that takes months to resolve? What is the draw of a game that is impossible to learn? How can you stay current when new Magic cards come out about once a week?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Games that take a time commitment - 0:00:47

Games that take an inordinate commitment - 0:08:43

Played over days or months - 0:10:20

Really steep learning curves - 0:19:44

Life commitment games - 0:33:59

Staying current or ahead - 0:40:28

What's this all about? 0:46:38

Closing and Contact Info - 0:49:24

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In this episode, Will gets convinced to try and find more people to play games with, Chris can't play Xcom for long enough stretches to actually understand it, and Brandon finally had a chance to play Article 27 and Yomi (although he isn't here to talk about them). Will gets really nostalgic for terrible games while playing Pillars of Eternity, and Chris forgets what year the revolution happened in Coup: Guatemala 1954.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Heavensward... news? - 0:01:06

Playing games outside the "core" - 0:02:00

Will's Game of the Week: Pillars of Eternity - 0:06:05

Xcom for iPad - 0:33:39

Yomi with Brandon - 0:37:06

Article 27 with too few - 0:39:50

Chris' Game of the Week - Coup: Guatemala 1954

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:31

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in this episode, we kick off by discussing the real difference between "griefing" and "being annoying," which leads to the topic of discussion: why is it necessary that games allow this kind of behavior? We discuss games where you can ally and backstab, games where you can get revenge, games where you can lie, and games where you can just flatly be a jerk. Those games are ridiculous fun, and not just when you are "on top."


Introduction - 0:00:00

A specific definition of "griefing" - 0:01:27

Why should you be able to so that? - 0:09:58

Alliances and Backstabbing - 0:16:00

Games "about" lying - 0:23:41

Kingmaking and not being anle to win - 0:26:56

Why do RPGs have to suck? - 0:38:19

Appropriate vengeance - 0:45:29

Good Grief - 0:51:27

Closing and Contact Info - 1:02:21

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in this episode, we are still excited about Blades in the Dark, getting cheap ports on iPad, and video games that won't come out for years. Everyone got a chance to play Torchbearer, Will is rusty at  Yomi, and Chris spends the last dollar he'lol ever spend on Magic. Then a wild Brandon appears and wants to talk about dragons and werewolves. Huh.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Blades in the Dark bonus stuff - 0:00:42

X-Com on iPad for $5 - 0:08:05

Kickstarter games coming to consoles - 0:09:49

Will demos FF15 - 0:12:07

Will's Game of the Week: Dragonball Xenoverse - 0:20:53

Torchbearer shenanigans - 0:38:23

Everyone getting Backstabbr-ed - 0:41:12

Yomi Round 1 - 0:43:12

Pauper Magic - 0:44:28

Chris' Game of the Week: Omen: A Reign of War - 0:46:37

Dragons of Tarkir - 1:03:00

Does Brandon like One Night Werewolf? - 1:06:07

Closing and Contact Info - 1:11:02

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In this episode, we discuss how you can learn and practice skills in the "consequence free" environment of a game. What kinds of skills can you learn that are useful in the game? What kinds of skills can you learn that are useful in real life? What skills do you learn simply from being around games? And what about games that are designed to train you?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Finally, the topic! - 0:03:17

Competition without consequences - 0:03:58

In-game Skills - 0:10:54

Meta-game Skills - 0:31:09

Non-game, but game-related - 0:52:13

Closing and Contact Info - 1:05:28

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In this episode, we kickstart an RPG about crime, watch souls get reaped, screw up playing simple card games, and in general make a mess of things. But then comes Metro 2033, a mess of an FPS/horror video game to make us feel less terrible, and Hero Emblems, a solid and strategic match-3 adventur game to make us feel like failures.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Blades in the Dark kickstarter - 0:00:55

Will reaps Diabolical souls - 0:10:31

Will grinds Mechwarrior currency - 0:11:55

Will's Game of the Week: Metro 2033 - 0:17:54

Chris screws up the Bottle Imp - 0:33:54

Chris bonds with Dungeon World - 0:37:31

Chris bears Torchbearer - 0:42:15

Chris' Game of the Week: Hero Emblems - 0:45:33

Closing and Contact Info - 1:00:42

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In this episode, we examine games where, instead of playing as an individual and making a mess of things on your own, you can play with other people, and against other teams, to make a mess of things together. What are the differences between team games and solo games? Why might one be preferable over the other? And what games do it best?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Games where you don't work together - 0:01:42

Quarterbacking - 0:07:33

The best parts of being on a team - 0:10:16

Games where you control a squad - 0:19:20

Problems with a team game - 0:22:33

Favorite Team/Squad RPGs - 0:29:42

Favorite Team/Squad Boardgames - 0:37:21

Favorite Team/Squad Video Games - 0:45:50

Closing and Contact Info - 0:51:09

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In this episode, we talk about a lot of video games, so if you love your television and throwing controllers through it, have we got an episode for you. First, Will tries Dead State and Battlefield Hardline, but can't convince himself that either is worth the price. Chris has made his way to the top in Diablo 3, and isn't sure where to go from there. We also discuss Darkest Dungeon and Far Cry 4 in-depth.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Crowfall Kickstarter Info - 0:01:57

2v2 Game of Thrones LCG - 0:12:09

Will tries the Dead State demo - 0:14:06

Also, Battlefield Hardline beta - 0:17:42

Darkest Dungeon - 0:21:01

Archipelago Ups and Downs - 0:39:23

Diablo III Torment 6 - 0:44:23

Far Cry 4 - 0:49:06

Closing and Contact Info - 1:13:41

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In this episode, we discuss games where the sheer amount of content is a part of the draw. What is fun about having an excessive amount of options, mechanics, and ways to play? What are the drawbacks? What is the difference between a game with lots of breadth and a game with lots of depth? And what are our favorite "maximalist" games?


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's fun about excess? - 0:03:44

The drawbacks of maximalism - 0:13:23

Favorite Maximalist RPGs - 0:22:51

Favorite Maximalist Video Games - 0:36:39

Favorite Maxmalist Board Games - 0:43:40

Closing and Contact Info - 0:52:27

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 In this episode, Will talks a little about Darkest Dungeon, Chris' D&D 5e boat has run aground, and Terra Battle begins its inevitable decline. Brandon finally gets a chance to play Warhammer Conquest, and Chris finally takes the opportunity to play Power Grid, both for the first time, and both to disastrous consequences... And don't forget the in-depth reviews of our games of the week!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Will played Darkest Dungeon - 0:2:59

Will's GotW: Game of Thrones LCG - 0:04:29

D&D 5e running aground - 0:28:06

Chris played Power Grid and no one cares - 0:33:24

Chris' GotW: Through the Ages - 0:35:55

Brandon gets beaten at WH40K Conquest - 0:52:40

The inevitable decline of Terra Battle - 0:54:54

Closing and Contact Info - 0:56:54

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In this episode, we discuss the "collectible, customizable" game, and it's irascibility. What is fun about collecting game bits? What is fun about customizing the game tools? What are the best and worst "CC" games that we've played? And why does Chris have so much against Magic? Perhaps, these questions will be answered.

Left unanswered is why Brandon decided to change to talking through a tin can in the middle of the episode.


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's fun about collecting? - 0:09:28

What's fun about customizing? - 0:15:56

Collectible, customizable problems - 0:25:24

The Best Collectible, Customizable Games - 0:42:33

Closing and Contact Info - 1:02:20

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In this episode, a week-long real-time game sounds fun, and a five-minute real-time game is sounds shockingly short by comparison. Will tries playing the Game of Thrones LCG with only two people, Chris vetos diplomatic sanctions, and there is a wrestling TTRPG that will probably get reviewed at some point in the future. Also, we dig into what our favorite parts of Gat Out of Hell and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls have been.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Subterfuge: The App - 0:01:55

World Wide Wrestling RPG released - 0:05:03

A Duel of Thrones LCG - 0:10:36

Terra Battle Sucks... Will In! - 0:16:11

Gat Out of Hell - 0:19:34

Almost Real-Time Diner - 0:36:06

Vetoing in Article 27 - 0:39:24

Explaining Liberte too quickly - 0:47:46

Reaper of Souls - 0:51:45

Closing and Contact Info - 1:09:19

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In this episode, Will and Brandon talk about how many different ways that people can have fun in games not buy doing well, but by creating hardships for the other players. Some of that is called "griefing," but there's a lot of surrounding behaviors that they cover! If you've ever made a move in a game just to watch someone's face when their strategy goes to pieces, take a listen.


Introduction - 0:00:00

What's a "griefing"? - 0:01:22

Is that fun? For whom? - 0:03:22

The Various Forms - 0:09:14

Non-Video Game Griefing - 0:22:00

(Will is talking about Intrigue) - 0:24:37

(Now Innovation) - 0:25:39

More Non-Video Game Griefing - 0:26:41

Closing and Contact Info - 0:39:50

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In this episode, Will and Brandon have played more games than ever... ever? The latest Final Fantasy 14 expansion sucks Will in, while Brandon can't avoid the siren's song of some sort of Magic: The Gathering release. Dark Eldar still can't get Will on their side, and the guys destroy ever enemy with their cosmi superpowers in Sentinels of the Multiverse.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Sucked back into FF14 - 0:01:02

Cosmic Sentinels of the Multiverse - 0:05:03

New Warhammer Conquest Warlord - 0:15:52

Will's GotW: Samurai Spirit - 0:19:49

Brandon's Magic Something Something - 0:34:28

Does anyone even understand this? - 0:42:18

Will tries to convince you he stopped playing Magic - 0:51:29

Closing and Contact Info - 0:55:37


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In this episode, we discuss the sudden and dramatic change in the kinds of games you play when you go to visit your family and friends over the holidays... and we're only barely a month late! Enough time to digest. Plus - Chris and Brandon are in all four Xs, Brandon somehow is still playing Terra Battle, and we answer the question of why Brandon should do more than just make a character in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Brandon learns bout Antike Duellum - 0:02:15

Space Empires with all the Xs - 0:05:34

Brandon still into Terra Battle - 0:08:48

All the different Battleheart Legacy characters - 0:11:14

Why should Brandon keep playing DA:I? - 0:15:32

Holiday Gaming! - 0:23:52

What kinds of games work best? - 0:26:05

What did we play this year? How did it go? - 0:37:17

Closing and Contact Info - 1:01:34

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In this episode, we talk a little about Dragon Age: Inquisition and what the hell is up with the horses, Chris lists of games he's committed to playing 10 times each this year, Will talks about the podcast's first Car Racing Video Game, and there is an abstract, perfect information, entirely deterministic civilization game that has Chris' full attention.


Introduction - 0:00:00

More Dragon Age: Inquisition thoughts - 0:01:52

Chris' 10x10 Challenge list - 0:10:20

Roll For It with Will's Family - 0:14:05

D&D 5e Wolves and Hobgoblins - 0:17:26

Will's Game of the Week: Forza Horizon 2 - 0:22:54

Dice Hate Me "Rabbit" Games - 0:38:46

Chris' Game of the Week: Antike Duellum - 0:42:55

Closing and Contact Info - 1:05:19

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In this episode, all three of the guys are together discussing the best, worst, and most dramatic games played in 2014. What did we enjoy the most? What disappointed us greatly? What do we wish we had more of a chance to play? And what are we looking forward to in 2015?


Introduction - 0:00:00

How did our predictions for 2014 pan out? - 0:03:30

Best Games Played in 2014 - 0:30:22

Worst Games Played in 2014 - 0:55:58

Dramatic Opinion Shifts! - 1:05:24

Games we want to play more - 1:10:57

Most Anticipated of 2015 - 1:17:53

Closing and Contact Info - 1:32:47

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In this episode, Will realizes he's physically addicted to Final Fantasy 14, despite trying desperately to get off of it with games like Battleheart Legacy and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Chris refuses to playtest homebrew RPGs, and is massively disappointed tricked him into it. At some point, we give our thoughts on D&D 5e after a few weeks of playing and running it, and Chris finally reviews Infamous: Second Son.

Introduction - 0:00:00

New Final Fantasy 14 Classes - 0:03:34

The addiction is real... - 0:07:14

Battleheart Legacy: It's Pausable! - 0:12:34

Initial D&D 5th edition impressions - 0:16:24

Chris doesn't want to test your homebrew - 0:38:50

Reaper of Souls! - 0:41:00

Harold, of Andraste? - 0:43:59

Infamous: Second Son - 0:47:54

Closing and Contact Info - 1:03:45

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_51a.mp3
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In this episode, Will, Chris and Brandon discuss the moment when you finally understand what makes a game fun, what makes it a "good" game. What games have we played where this happened? What games have we played where this didn't happen? Is there any way to know if you are judging a game unfairly (i.e. you don't "get" it) or are there some games it just isn't possible to "get"?

We might have some answers!


Introduction - 0:00:00

"Getting" a game - 0:01:15

Why have we unfairly dismissed games? - 0:06:29

Why might we go back to some of those games? - 0:26:26

Games we never "got" - 0:48:37

Games we're looking forward to "getting" - 1:00:03

Closing and Contact Info - 1:09:16

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In this episode, we talk about our first experiences with the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons, Chris plays a world-spanning game of international law, frogs and unicorns bound across never-ending highways, and Will can't tell if he's into Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is bad for Chris who is getting it as a Christmas gift...


Introduction - 0:00:00

Initial Experiences with D&D 5e - 0:02:20

Will's Game of the Week: Dragon Age: Inquisition - 0:13:00

Susie's FF14 Free Company Woes - 0:35:55

Pax Britannica, War Game or RPG? - 0:37:52

Crossy Road, Infinite Frogger - 0:42:13

Sentinels of the Multiverse iOS Unlockables - 0:43:28

Chris' Game of the Week: Quartermaster General - 0:48:47

Closing and Contact Info - 1:06:09

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_50a.mp3
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In this episode, Will and Chris discuss what a game is about... if they are about anything at all! Why do games have a theme, some sort of analogy to the real world? Do they need one? Why are there so many fully abstract board games (like chess) but very few abstract video games? Is there such a thing as a "generic" RPG?


Introduction - 0:00:00

Are games about anything? Should they be? - 0:01:03

Video Game Abstraction - 0:12:58

Board games... about nothing? - 0:24:34

"Themeless" vs. "Abstract" - 0:29:36

Surely RPGs are about something? - 0:39:59

Closing and Contact Ingfo - 0:50:35

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In this episode Will can't decide if he wants to buy Dragon Age: Inquisition after getting burned by more Assassin's Creeds and Calls of Duty. Chris played Antike, a civilization game where everything was deterministic, and both of our hosts are looking forward to getting to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. And there are bees.


Introduction - 0:00:00

Fantasy Flight acquired by Asmodee - 0:01:31

Another Kingdom Rush game - 0:05:02

Will is skeptical of Dragon Age: Inquisition - 0:07:08

Assassin's Creed: Rogue - 0:09:45

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 0:14:49

D&D 5th Character Creation - 0:17:34

Will's GotW: Shadow of Mordor - 0:22:06

Antike - 0:42:00

Chris got game groups! - 0:48:01

Chris' GotW: Battleheart Legacy - 0:50:57

Closing and Contact Info - 1:04:55

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In this episode, we discuss how we created or found gaming groups, and presumably, how you can to! We spill the beans on how we all met each other and our current and past groups, we are confident that most gamers play more than one kind of game, we touch on the difficulties of grouping in MMOs, and finish by explaining what "don't be weird" means...

In our next episode, we'll tell you about A Game About Nothing!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Creating or finding a gaming group - 0:01:02

How we met our groups - 0:09:00

Most "gamers" don't just play one thing - 0:25:33

MMO Guilds and similar groups - 0:31:01

Chris is madly recruiting and searching - 0:38:56

Just play with people... - 0:47:05

Closing and contact info - 0:49:55

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In this episode, we get unexcited about ninjas, maybe a little excited about Valkyria Chronicles, and super excited about some Blizzard FPS thing. Will hates Magic, Chris loves Catchup, and we review the "survival horror" video game The Evil Within and the combinatorically superior supplement for Dungeon World called Class Warfare.

In our next episode, we're going to tell you how we find and create gaming groups. Stay tuned!


Introduction - 0:00:00

Game of Thrones LCG 2nd edition - 0:01:14

FF14 Heavensward and Ninja info - 0:05:39

Valkyria Chronicles comes to Steam - 0:10:17

The Ruined Empire has so many systems - 0:12:30

New Blizzard Thing: Overwatch! - 0:15:25

Hating on Magic - 0:19:26

Playing Sentinel Tactics - 0:24:49

Monster Manual 5th edition - 0:28:55

Will's GotW: The Evil Within - 0:33:17

Aggressively Optimizing in Small World - 0:43:40

The Cimple Complexity of Catch Up - 0:46:42

Chris' Game of the Week: Class Warfare - 0:49:30

Closing and Contact Info - 1:04:42

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In this episode, we discuss the growing phenomenon of "microgames." What is a microgame? Haven't they existed in some form or another for a long time? Why are they so popular, and why are they so popular only now? What "microgames" are our favorites?


Introduction - 0:00:00

What is a microgame? - 0:01:15

Microgames aren't exactly new - 0:17:04

Why are microgames popular? - 0:28:25

Our "great" microgames - 0:37:31

Closing and Contact Info - 0:55:10

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In this episode, we don't care about the Magic: The Gathering board game, Will is disappointed with The Evil Within, Chris blames the dice for his losses, and we give you full reviews of the tactical board game Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom and the logic puzzle of a party game One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

In our next episode, we're going to talk about what is up with "Microgames." Stay tuned!


Introduction - 0:00:00

The Magic Boardgame - 0:00:49

10x10 2015! Challenge - 0:04:00

FF14: Almost Gonna Be Having a Patch - 0:06:25

The Disappointment Within - 0:10:33

Sentinels of the Multiverse iOS - 0:12:55

The Raid (Destiny) - 0:17:20

Will's Game of the Week: Sentinel Tactics - 0:20:30

Summoner Wars and dice - 0:38:20

Machi Koro out of style with reviewers - 0:40:52

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age - 0:43:15

Chris' Game of the Week: One Night Ultimate Werewolf - 0:46:07

Closing and Contact Info - 1:04:49

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In this episode, we talk about games that suck you in and force you to play them, whether it's the depth of mechanics or setting, the sheer "replayability," or the fact that you friends won't stop playing and you get pulled along with them... what makes a game so immersive? Why do some games in a genre pull this off, while others don't? What are our favorite games that have enthralled us?

We also give you some in-depth discussion on the deck-development card game Thunderstone: Advance, and the one-on-one "old school" roleplaying game Scarlet Heroes.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Getting psyched about Sentinels for iPad - 0:01:11

AKA Magic: The Gathering: The Strategy Board Game - 0:02:40

Chris bought a PlayStation4 - 0:05:45

The Evil Within - 0:09:43

Will's back to The Old Republic?!? - 0:13:05

Will's still playing Destiny?!? - 0:18:00

Will's GotW: Thunderstone Advance - 0:20:14

Galaxy Trucker for iPad - 0:35:43

Trying Chimera Again - 0:40:04

Chris' GotW - Scarlet Heroes - 0:45:40

Games that Enthrall! - 1:12:04

Next Episode and Contact Info - 2:08:51


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In this episode, we discuss what makes a good two-player game, what the difference between "couch co-op" and "couch co-mp" is, why one-on-one RPGs move so quickly, and give you a taste of our favorite two-player board games, video games, and RPGs. We also give you a couple of in-depth reviews: Will's new favorite in the old-school style, Wasteland 2, and Chris' new favorite that is actually old-school, Gin.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Torment: Tides of Numenera - 0:01:29

Bedlam (Kickstarter Game) - 0:06:10

Battle Chef Brigade (Kickstarter Game) - 0:09:08

More (or less) Destiny - 0:11:32

Dark Heresy 2nd edition so far - 0:21:14

Wasteland 2 - 0:34:09

Star Realms iOS Suspiciousness - 0:52:51

Monsters and Magic Misstep - 0:58:36

80 Days - 1:04:35

Gin Rummy - 1:07:57

Two-Player Games - 1:24:44

Closing and Contact Info - 2:14:16

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In this episode, we talk about what we do when there is no one to play with and we still want to play. There are solitaire games, of course, but there's a lot of other things we do that are game-related. We also talk at great length about the possibly two-player Divinity: Original Sin, the "f*cking remarkable" Star Realms, and Brandon's lunchtime favorite, The Resistance.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Bryce Con - 0:01:27

Wasteland 2 finally "drops" - 0:05:03

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance - 0:08:06

Will's Game of the Week: Divinity: Original Sin - 0:12:18

Will's Other Game of the Week - 0:21:58

Two-player Splendor - 0:43:09

Sushi Go! - 0:45:32

Chris' Game of the Week: Star Realms - 0:47:27

Archeage almost played... - 1:05:26

Brandon's Game of the Week: The Resistance

Lonely Fun - 1:24:05

Closing and Contact Info - 2:01:01

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In this episode, we talk about what games work best for introducing your non-gaming friends and family to our hobby. We break down the strengths of video games, board games, and roleplaying games are in general, and what to look for specifically in those genres, including our own recommendations for games that work well. We also finally get to letting you know our thoughts on Torchbearer (RPG) and Warhammer Conquest (card game).

Introduction - 0:00:00

New Saints Row content - 0:01:20

Dark Heresy 2 released hours too late... - 0:03:11

Will's Game of the Week: Warhammer Conquest - 0:05:31

Equinox - 0:18:52

Chimera - 0:22:56

Chris' Game of the Week: Torchbearer - 0:31:52

Gateway Games - 0:52:55

Closing and Contact Info - 1:59:09

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In this episode, we have been to Gen Con and want to talk about everything we saw, played or bought. What were the best experiences of the con? What were the worst? What games should you keep an eye out for? What games can you give a pass?

Introduction - 0:00:00

The Overall Experience - 0:04:44

Red - 0:17:35

Equinox - 0:22:40

Impulse - 0:25:29

Heat - 0:03:42

Burgoo - 0:33:23

Coin Age - 0:35:38

Longhorn vs. Niya - 0:40:40

Space Cadets Dice Duel: Die Fighter - 0:45:58

Dragon Slayer - 0:52:19

Splendor - 0:58:26

Chimera - 1:06:38

Tragedy Looper - 1:10:28

Lost Legacy - 1:18:39

Level 99 Games - 1:22:17

Freedom: The Underground Railroad - 1:31:02

1775: The American Revolution - 1:35:52

OmegaZone and Torchbearer GM Screen - 1:41:10

Samurai Spirit - 1:47:40

Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom - 1:55:02

Warhammer 40K Conquest - 2:02:01

FFG's Star Wars Buffet - 2:06:56

Closing and Contact Info - 2:09:56

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In this episode, Chris has just made a big move, so we talk about what makes a RPG, video game, or board game "portable," and in particular, what makes them good. Airplane tray tables are never as big as you think... We also talk about a lot of games that we've played recently, including Final Fantasy, a card game called Khmer, and Brandon's mythical experiences with Banished.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Going to Gen Con! - 0:01:18

Will's Final WH40K Conquest Preview - 0:03:12

Destiny Beta - 0:09:24

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance - 0:15:30

Final Fantasy 14 - 0:20:20

Valiant Hearts - 0:37:08

Rayman Origins - 0:42:10

Spelunky - 0:43:39

Khmer - 0:47:26

Hitman GO - 0:50:28

Chris is just distracted - 0:52:13

Archeage Beta Again! - 0:54:58

#ThingsNotInBanished - 1:00:28

Rimworld still coming - 1:04:55

Portable Games - 1:08:36

Closing and Contact Info - 1:57:05

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In this episode, we talk about how certain stories and themes are adapted to the many kinds of games that exist, and what is lost and what is gained in creating a video game, board game, or RPG for a particular property. What are the strengths of board games over video games? Why are there so many Song of Ice and Fire games? We also give you a handful of overviews of some recent video games, in particular Sins of a Solar Empire and Mark of the Ninja.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Ingress comes to iOS - 0:01:04

Warhammer Conquest: Tzeentch - 0:06:38

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG released - 0:12:32

Fallout: New Vegas Completed - 0:17:55

What is Archeage? - 0:20:37

Will's GotW: Sins of a Solar Empire - 0:27:23

Transistor's Flaws - 0:46:32

Shovel Knight's Brilliance - 0:56:18

Chris' GotW: Mark of the Ninja - 1:02:37

Adaptations! - 1:16:49

Closing and Contact Info - 02:18:33

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In this episode, we talk about games that feature the players managing all the complexities of a civilization or kingdom, the war, politics, and logistics of it, and how to go from a small, inefficient economy to a powerful, high-speed engine. It's fun, but in a different way than playing a single character that hand-cannons all the evil monsters. We also review some games, including in-depth discussions of Fallout: New Vegas and Blue Moon: Legends.

Introduction - 0:00:00

News Items - 0:1:52

Mortal Kombat Komplete - 0:15:07

Injustice: Gods Among Us - 0:19:27

Beat Hazard - 0:21:34

Will's Game of the Week: Fallout: New Vegas - 0:27:07

More (or less) FTL for iPad - 0:44:06

More Gunpoint - 0:49:15

Concept - 0:53:40

Chris' Game of the Week: Blue Moon: Legends

More Summon Masters - 1:13:00

More Eve Online - 1:17:03

More Song of Ice and Fire - 1:23:15

Civilizations, 4X, and Economic Engine games - 1:26:01

Closing and Contact Info - 2:30:18

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In this episode we talk a little about a couple of video games that are too much for Will (Gunpoint and Rogue Legacy), and a couple of games that Chris needs to spend a lot more time with to not lose all of the time (Blue Moon Legends and FTL). Most of our time was spent talk about what we've enjoyed (or not) so far this year, what cool stuff was at E3 or Origins, and what stuff we are looking forward to as the year progresses.

We're releasing a bit early because we also talk about the Steam Summer Sale and don't want it to be too late when you hear about it!

Introduction - 0:00:00

Gunpoint - 0:04:32

Rogue Legacy - 0:08:45

Wasteland 2 Beta - 0:14:37

Blue Moon Legends - 0:16:24

FTL for iPad - 0:21:37

Discussion Start - 0:28:13

Most fun games in 2014 so far - 0:29:32

Least fun games in 2014 so far - 0:54:46

E3 just happened-ish - 1:05:37

Origins Awards - 1:36:34

Upcoming board game excitement - 1:42:43

Upcoming RPG excitement - 1:59:22

Closing and Contact Info - 2:10:35

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In this episode, we talk to the human being behind Space Cadets, Ares Project, the Ludology podcast, and all around good guy Geoff Engelstein. We find out where his ideas for games come from, what it's like meeting people who already know you for the first time, and get lots of juicy information about the upcoming expansions for Space Cadets and Space Cadets: Dice Duel.

For more, check out or talk to him on Twitter @gengelstein

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In this episode, we talk about how (irritatingly) games and their associated bits are packaged, how we keep all of our game stuff stored, and what to do with the awful folded cardboard inserts that come in board game boxes. Will's Game of the Week is Watch_Dogs, Chris' is Wolfenstein: The New Order, and we welcome back Brandon by listening to him drone on and on about something called Summon Masters!

Introduction - 0:00:00

Twilight Struggle Digital KS - 0:01:50

Super Time Force - 0:06:04

Watch_Dogs - 0:11:46

Famous Forehands - 0:37:17

Memoir '44 - 0:44:29

Trawing for Dungeon Crawling - 0: 49:10

Wolfenstein: The New Order - 0:53:30

Rimworld Alpha - 1:13:25

Still "Rocking" Eve Online - 1:17:07

Summon Masters - 1:20:44

Storage, Containers, and Packaging - 1:34:36

Closing and Contact Info - 2:20:43

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In this episode, we get to talking about German Game of the Year nominees, convention season, all kinds of upcoming games, a community game night, and somewhere in there we talk about the games we've been playing, including Will's Game of the Week, the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, and Chris' Game of the Week, Twilight struggle. No discussion topic this week, but we'll be back next time with one!

Intro - 0:00:00

Spiel des Jarhes Nominees - 0:01:17

Xbox One: Diskinected - 0:10:34

Con Season and the Advantages Thereof - 0:15:29

Summoner Wars Alliances - 0:20:11

D&D 5th edition Crests - 0:22:01

Child of Light Continues - 0:24:50

Final Fantasy 14 Continues - 0:25:21

The End of Willhammer 40k - 0:30:30

A Song of Ice and Fire, the RPG - 0:36:01

Video Gaming Drought - 1:10:10

Community Game Night - 1:11:34

Twilight Struggle - 1:19:38

Closing and Contact Info - 1:48:40

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RPGs are great!

If you like board games or video games, and you are at all interested in any of this "role-playing" stuff that we talk about in our show, then you should definitely check out this episode.

We take some time to talk about what RPGs are, why they are fun, why we don't only play them, and what some of the best RPGs are if you are coming from a video or board game background.

Direct download: The_RPG_Episode.mp3
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In this episode, we get into the meaty discussion of what "risk" actually is in games, whether it is dependent upon chance, how you could possibly have "no risk" conflicts, and all kinds of other stuff. We also talk about a few new games, in particular the fairy tale-like video game Child of Light and the deck-development card game Paperback.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Kenshi: The Alpha - 0:01:36

Call of Duty: In Spaaaaacey! - 0:10:15

The end of Willhammer 40K? - 0:15:33

Will's Game of the Week: Child of Light - 0:23:08

Crowdfunder Thieves vs. AGs - 0:31:33

Tabletop and RPG Tabletop - 0:36:37

Dusting off some old board games - 0:40:01

Chris' Game of the Week: Paperback - 0:46:11

Risk! (Not the game) 1:09:10

Risk in Board Games - 1:10:58

Risk in RPGs - 1:36:48

Risk in Video Games - 2:05:34

Closing and Contact Info - 2:12:20

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In this episode, we talk to the musician, composer, and sonorous genius behind Syrinscape, Benjamin Loomes. We cover a lot of ground in this interview: music theory, improvisation, Youtube, the sound of one hand clapping, and stormtroopers... but most importantly, we let you behind the curtain with the Syrinscape app, a way to integrate mood music and sound effects with your tabletop RPGs.

Check out and for more!

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In this episode, we talk about games on iOS and Android that are worth spending a chunk of money on - not because they sucker you into microtransactions, but because the games are deep, well-designed, and provide lasting fun. We also talk about an unusually large number of RPGs, a few games that Will tried out with his new "gaming" laptop, and there's even a bit about Hearthstone...

Introduction - 0:00:00

Final Fantasy 14 keeps getting better - 0:01:25

War Thunder - 0:06:46

Marvel vs. Diablo - 0:17:31

Current gen consoles, still no draw...? - 0:24:48

Pippoglyph playing cards - 0:30:37

Sentinels of the Multiverse keeps getting better - 0:39:08

Torchbearer playing cards - 0:44:23

iOS throwdown: Hearthstone vs. Yomi - 0:48:16

Bundle of Holding: Indie Treasure Trove - 0:55:46

Beefy Mobile Games: 1:24:08

Closing and Contact Info: 2:08:31

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In this episode, we talk about the Tank/Healer/DPS paradigm: splitting battle roles into people who take damage, deal damage, and recover from damage. Why is it so popular? What games have done it best? What games with teams and roles don't use this paradigm at all, and how do the do it?


Introduction - 0:00:00

The "casual" mode of Fire Emblem - 0:00:59

Link to the Between World's Past! - 0:06:43

Risk keeps bein' Risk - 0:14:04

Old Re-Public Housing Projects - 0:16:41

Final Fantasy 14 continues not being "final" - 0:19:05

Will couldn't wait for X-boxing Day! - 0:22:15

Will's Game of the Week: Titanfall - 0:28:38

Chris' Game of the Week: Nine Worlds - 0:52:08

Tanks, Healers and "DPS" - 1:19:03

Closing and Contact Info - 2:29:41


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In this episode, we talk to David Sirlin, creator of Flash Duel, Puzzle Strike, and Yomi. We ask him about playing to win, how chess and poker could be improved, countering and counter-countering, and his upcoming game Codex... but most importantly, there is going to be a mobile version of Yomi, complete with AI, PvP, and match rankings.

Direct download: David_Sirlin_Interview.mp3
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In this, our first interview of what we hope to be many, Will and Chris talk to Liz Theis from Love Wolf Development about Realm Works, a program intended to assist GMs with the creation and running of RPG campaigns. If you have ever had an interest in being a GM, you should check this out - we're not making a recommendation one way or the other, but Liz has enough information that you should be able to make an informed decision after listening!

Direct download: Liz_Theis_Interview.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss games where the primary enjoyment comes from exploration, discovery, and freedom of choice. What is so much fun about a sandbox? How can you maximize this in RPGs or video games? What games do it best? Is it even possible in board games?

Will's Game of the Week is Puzzle Craft.

Chris' Game of the Week is The Duke.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Chris is the "Elite One" - 0:01:18

A-wing's OP - 0:07:31

Elder Scrolls' World of Funcraft - 0:15:06

Puzzle Craft - 0:22:49

The Duke - 0:43:07

Sandbox Games - 1:11:33

Closing and Contact Info - 2:01:43

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In this episode, we have an in-depth discussion of how the look of a game affects the play of the game, what we like visually in games, and what the best looking AND playing games are.

Will's Game of the Week is Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns.

Chris' Game of the Week is Pokemon (X and) Y.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Eve Online.

Introduction - 0:00:00

Chris Forgets about iOS games - 0:1:32

Edge of the Empire Strikes Back - 0:03:38

Video Game Instruction Booklets - 0:09:01

Lightning Returns - 0:12:08

Pokemon X and Y - 0:38:40

Eve Online - 1:11:11

How a Game Looks - 1:31:25

Closing and Contact Info - 2:24:57

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In this episode, we talk about games that feature soldiers and involve the lowest level of grunt to the highest level general. What makes these games fun? What video games, RPGs and board games provide those things? Why do we keep hassling each other about genre definitions?

Will's Game of the Week is 3:16 - Carnage Amongst the Stars

Chris' Game of the Week is 10000000

Introduction - 0:00:00

X-Wing Minis Thoughts - 0:01:23

Will's New to Coup, so kill him - 0:05:56

Must we keep playing Field of Glory? - 0:08:26

Everyone has now played Haggis - 0:10:42

Chris' Memory Doesn't Function - 0:11:47

Dice Duel: Fun for the Whole Family - 0:13:14

Bakelite Bug Chess - 0:14:21

Edge of the Empire - Disappointing? - 0:15:59

DM Technique with Brandon and Chris - 0:20:35

FF14 - Not quite 24 karat... - 0:24:43

Breaking EVE Online Statue News - 0:32:24

Not talking about Flappy Bird. - 0:35:16

Or Dark Souls - 0:37:22

3:16 - Carnage Amongst the Stars - 0:38:18

10000000 - 1:07:53

A Game of Soldiers - 1:22:34

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_30.m4a
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In this episode, we talk about games that are great with 6 or more people involved. Why play a game with a big group? How big can video games get? What makes a 7+ person board game work? Are there any tabletop RPGs that are consistently fun with that many people?

Will's Game of the Week is Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures

Chris' Game of the Week is Ghost/Echo

Brandon's Game of the Week is Final Fantasy XIV

Introduction - 0:00:00

In-Person Game Plans - 0:01:13

Pokemon 3DS - 0:02:39

Ingress, Family Style - 0:04:03

Final Fantasy XIII 3 - 0:06:06

EVE Online's Biggest Ever - 0:10:53

X-Wing Miniatures - 0:18:32

Ghost/Echo - 0:41:44

Final Fantasy XIV - 1:00:41

Large Group Games - 1:25:25

Closing and Contact Info - 2:14:20

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_29.m4a
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In this episode, we discuss how we play video games, board games, and roleplaying games with people who aren't in the same room as us. How does it work? What tools do you need? What options are there? And what are our favorite experiences with this sort of game play?

Will's Game of the Week is the Dragon Age RPG.

Chris' Game of the Week is Suburbia.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Star Wars: The Old Republic - Galactic Starfighter.

Intro - 0:00:00

Chris joins Playstation Plus - 0:01:22

More like "Badderlands 2" - 0:07:52

Will pirates like an assassin - 0:11:11

Brandon breaks Netrunner - 0:14:50

Dragon Age review - 0:22:28

Suburbia review - 0:40:38

Galactic Starfighter review - 1:05:15

Remote Gaming discussion - 1:19:22

Closing and Contact info - 2:07:27

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_28.m4a
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If you have never listened to an episode of our show, or you want an introduction to who we are and what we do, start here! In this episode, we discuss our reasons for starting the podcast, our general thoughts on board games, video games and roleplaying games, our approach to reviews, and the reasons that we want your feedback so badly!

Will's Game of the Week is X-Com: Enemy Within

Chris' Game of the Week is Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Brandon's Game of the Week is Kingdom Rush/Frontiers

Intro - 0:00:00

Forgot about Eldritch Horror - 0:01:53

Will tries the Star Wars LCG - 0:04:14

Alternate Boards of Burgundy - 0:08:11

Prosperity in Dominion - 0:12:56

X-Com: Enemy Within - 0:18:00

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - 0:34:50

Kingdom Rush/Frontiers - 1:06:57

What is The Die is Podcast - 1:18:32

Closing and Contact Info - 2:15:34

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_27.m4a
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In this episode, we look back at the year of game playing, and see what the best and worst games that we played were. What games did we wish we had a chance to play more? What games do we wish had never been conceived? We also do a little bit of dreaming about the awesome games that will come out in 2014. Happy New Year!

Will's Game of the Week is Dark Souls

Chris' Game of the Week is Bohnanza

Intro - 0:00:00

Witcher 2: Complete! - 0:01:39

Edge of the Empire Continues - 0:07:06

Wasteland 2 Beta Impressions -0:14:15

Dark Souls - 0:18:36

Bohnanza - 0:44:16

Best and Worst of 2013 - 1:03:05

Excitement about 2014 - 1:52:49

Closing and Contact Info -2:18:33

Direct download: The_Die_is_Pocast_Episode_26.m4a
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In this episode, we take a narrow slice of "fantasy" and talk quite a lot about about many of the games that fit into that genre (which, of course, we enjoy to a great degree). What makes these games that are so similarly themed fun?

Will's Game of the Week is The Witcher 2

Chris' Game of the Week is Pandemic

Brandon's Entirely Objectionable Game of the Week is Heroes of Dragon Age

Intro - 0:00

InSpectres Live! - 0:02:15

Tenra Bansho Live - 0:05:47

Doctor Who Legacy - 0:09:07

The Witcher 2 - 0:12:55

Pandemic - 0:32:16

Heroes of Dragon Age - 0:53:08

"Classic" Fantasy Games - 1:09:41

Closing and Contact Info - 2:04:06

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_25.m4a
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In this episode, we talk about our sometimes ridiculous and fairly unnecessary game collections. What drives people to have so many games? How do we decide which games to play? How do you keep a collection from getting unmanageably large? And, in preparation for our one year anniversary, we theorize on how we would slim down our game collections to nine games if we had only a breadbox to keep them in.

Will and Brandon's Game of the Week is Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Chris' Game of the Week is Android Netrunner.

Intro 0:00:00

Creed Hard with a Vengeance 0:01:21

Next Gen Consolation 0:03:30

Edge of the Empire 0:07:58

Android Netrunner 0:49:02

Amassing Collections 1:12:33

Closing and Contact Info 2:01:07

Direct download: The_Die_is_Podcast_Episode_24.m4a
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In this episode, we discuss the expansive subgenre of games where imaginary crimes are committed (e.g. Grand Theft Auto). What is there in these games that makes them so much fun? What are the best examples of the genre in video games, board games, and RPGs?

Will's Game of the Week is Battlefield 4.

Chris' Game of the Week is CV.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Ingress.

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In this supplementary episode, Chris and Susie talk about their trip to the biggest board game convention in the entire world, Essen Internationale Spieltage. What is that experience like? What games did they see, play or buy? How do you pronounce "funf" or "hrubec?"

Games Discussed (In the order we discussed them!):

  • Nations
  • Concept
  • Funf Gurken
  • Going, Going, Gone
  • CV
  • Cheaty Mages
  • Caverna
  • Coup
  • Koryo
  • Field of Glory: The Card Game
  • Kyoto
  • Legacy
  • Guild Hall
  • String Railway
  • Concordia
  • Dr. Hrubec
  • Escape: The Curse of the Temple
  • Space Cadets Dice Duel

We also spoil the "surprise" about episode 23...

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In this episode (the first of two this week!), Will and Brandon talk exhaustively about MMOs: the huge variety of types, the most fun MMOS (and the least), and what their ideal MMO would consist of.

Will's Game of the Week is Arkham Horror.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Duels of the Planeswalkers, Battle Towers and Puzzles & Dragons, because he clearly doesn't understand how singular and plural works.

Check out 22b where Susie and I talk about our experiences at Essen Internationale Spieltage!

Will comes back to The Old Republic: 00:03:06

Arkham Horror: 00:05:33.000

Duels of the Planeswalkers:00:26:30

Battle Towers: 00:31:19

Puzzles and Dragons: 00:37:15

The Exhaustive Guide to MMOs: 00:41:44

Closing and Contact Info: 02:17:40

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In this episode, we discuss how often and how terribly we lose at games, but more importantly, how tricky it can be to create a game where losing isn't a complete mood-killer. What games do we play where losing especially sucks? What games do we play where losing is part of the fun?

Will's Game of the Week is FTL.

Chris' Game of the Week is Pixel Defenders Puzzle.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Europa Universalis 4.

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In this episode, we talk about every facet of the popular card game Magic: The Gathering that we could manage. What is so good about it that we keep coming back? What is so bad about it that the lengths of time between massive buy-ins keep increasing in length? What games are there that simply work better for the enjoyment we get out Magic, and why do they?

Will's Game of the Week is Diablo III.

Chris' Game of the Week is Tichu. No, Haggis. No, Tichu. Definitely Haggis.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Surgeon Simulator 2013.

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In this episode, we discuss all of the ways that we buy or acquire games that don't involve simply going to the store, including Kickstarter and Free-to-Play distribution. What is good about them? What isn't? What are the best games we've gotten in these different ways?

Will's Game of the Week is Payday 2.

Chris' Game of the Week is Tenra Bansho Zero.

Brandon's Game of the Week is Dota 2.

Get ready, this is a long one!

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